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Tell the Wind and Fire Review


Wow, second book of the year I’ve DNFD! What a great year (I say sarcastically)…Anyways…

I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for a review, this does not change my opinion at all.

Tell the Wind and Fire is a retelling of one of the books I mildly tolerated in my British Literature class. I didn’t really like it, but the ending was so beautiful that I LOVED it (just the ending though). It gave me a new perspective on the book. However, Tell the Wind and Fire just wasn’t good, so I didn’t get to a possibly fantastic ending because I just couldn’t go on. I couldn’t turn the page.


I feel like the whole book tells more than shows, it says this happens, then this does. I don’t think it was like a movie in my head, or very descriptive, it just happened. The whole beginning was pretty much an info dump if you ask me, and it was just overload. I think this is what bothered me most. I fell like the Tale of Two Cities was way more descriptive (perhaps too descriptive xD) and this book just lacked that. There was no beautiful vivid descriptions like the book. That’s my biggest problem. Other than the lack of description, I thought the world was well planned and thought out, I just wished it was detailed so I could see it in its full colors.

My second problem was the characters. I did not like them at all. Their relationships felt fake, they weren’t interesting, their stories were okay. There was no rooting for characters, I didn’t even care for them at all. This is a problem when you’re reading a book. If you don’t care then it makes it difficult to read. At least, it does in my case.

Then we have the plot. Sadly it was boring. It did not hold my attention or sweep my off my feet. I felt like nothing happened, it was just characters running around talking to each other. Planning, talking, plotting, but no actual doing.


Perhaps if I finished this book, it would have been great. Maybe the ending would have made it worth it, but alas, I could not finish it because I was bored. However, I suggest you give it a try 🙂 you never know if you never try!


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