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Blackhearts Review (Pirates and Romance


A while back I was accepted for Blackhearts on Edelweiss. I WAS SO EXCITED but then… my copy expired before I could finish it! I WAS DEVASTATED.
So I guess half of this review is thanks to Edelweiss for the free copy in exchange for an honest review (THANK YOU EDELWEISS!) and the other half is from the copy I bought XD.

What I Liked:

Teach and Anne! Need I say more? I loved how Anne cold hold her own, she was strong and daring and was a great character, but so was Teach. They are both so stubborn, so perfect for each other and their bickering XD.

I’ve recently found that I enjoy historical fiction! I think this is historical fiction… I’m PRETTY sure it is… Anywho, this is a story about Blackbeard, kind of. Apparently, only the last few years of Blackbeard’s life are ACTUALLY documented, so Nicole Castroman decided to write a story about how she thinks Blackbeard would have been before he became the feared pirate we all know him as! Basically, it is kind of a Blackbeard origin story but it is also about Anne too sooooo it’s pretty cool 🙂

I LOVE how Blackhearts was written! Nicole Castroman is a great writer, and WHO DOESN’T LOVE THIRD PERSON *flails*! I really loved reading from BOTH Anne and Teach’s perspective also which brings me to my next point.

Anne and Teach change a whooooole lot throughout the whole book. It’s always fun to watch characters change. AND THE ENDING! I NEED MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE 😥 I want to know what happens next….

What I Didn’t Like:

There were a few parts I couldn’t get into… Blackhearts was good but I did find myself wandering a bit :O. Still, I recommend it.

Fable’s Final Thoughts:

PIRATES. ROMANCE. HISTORY (ish). Blackhearts was really good :), perfect for fans of all of the above pirates, romance and history!


3 thoughts on “Blackhearts Review (Pirates and Romance

  1. This is the first review I’ve seen for this one and it’s positive which is encouraging. I had this down on a list to keep my eye on. I was quite captured by the cover I must admit – unashamed and self confessed cover tart – but I also like the sound of history(ish), romance and pirates!
    Lynn 😀


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