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Salt to the Sea Review!


Rarely do I ever read historical fiction books, not because I don’t like histroy (I like history :D) but because they never seem to hold my attention. Then, one day, I discovered Ruta Septeys and read her book Between Shades of Gray. Boom. I found it, a historical fiction book I LOVED! Then I read Salt to the Sea by the same author and I got pretty much the same result 🙂 she’s a great historical fiction writer, I’ve loved all of her books I’ve read! If you don’t like the genre, than try her books 🙂 you may like them.

What I Liked:

-The cover, I say this often and I LOVE the cover. The gray/blue color scheme looks so pretty and I think it fits the mood of the book 🙂

-There were four main characters and each of them were introduced with a memorizing line that I LOVED. There’s nothing better than a good first line, and this book had four of them 🙂 My favorite one was “Guilt is a hunter.” Another thing about each of the first sentences was that they played along with the main character. Guilt was part of this characters life, and I really liked that. Each point of view is its own chapter and begins with the characters name, so it’s easy to keep track of who is who and whose point of view you’re reading from.

-Each character also had their own personality. None of them were the same, they all clearly had their own motives and pasts, I liked that as well.

-The ending of Salt to the Sea was my favorite part, it was really emotional, and by the last page I was getting chills. I seriously needed a blanket xD!

What I Didn’t Like:

-In the beginning it was really hard for me to follow what was happening in Salt to the Sea. There were four characters introduced and each of their chapters were like two pages long. So it was BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. I kept having to write down who was who and what happened to remember, after a while though, I got used to it. The short chapters really make this book a quicker read.

-As for the story…well…I didn’t feel like there was really a story in Salt to the Sea. There was, but there wasn’t a world. The whole thing was pretty much told through characters thoughts, if that makes sense. So, the setting/details/whatever else was going on, wasn’t really put down. It was more like a journal.

Fables Final Thoughts:

-One of the things I like about Ruta Sepetys is that she writes about history that’s not necessarily taught in school. She writes about unknownish events that few people really know about because they DON’T teach it in school (which is so stupid, by the way.) Not only does she do that, she does it so well that a person who doesn’t typically enjoy historical fiction, likes it! I really recommend any of her books and Salt to the Sea as well.


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