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Echo Review


I’m not really sure what to say before I get to reviewing Echo. I won a giveaway for it and originally Brianna was going to read it, but I got to it before she did. Exams are always nice days for reading, I get so much done!

What I Liked

-The summary was so magical and very promising. I loved the cover and the beginning.

-Echo wasn’t very magical (see below) except in the opening chapters. I LOVED it, and what I liked most about it was the writing. It was a magical journey of it’s own. If the writing was bad, I would have stopped reading it ages ago.

What I Didn’t Like

-Echo…wasn’t what I thought it was, and I think that’s what had me so disappointed. I thought that it would be a magical journey where they would carry the harmonica or lift a curse or…something. But nothing like that happened. They just found a harmonica, there was nothing really magical about this, other than the writing (which was super good!) There’s nothing magical here and I guess I was just hung up on that aspect too much to enjoy it.

-The story is told in three parts, one for each of the main characters. The endings to these parts were cliff hangers and unsatisfying, however there was a reason for this. But if I wasn’t doing exams, and if I didn’t need a book to read, I would have dropped this after the very first part. I felt like they all were uneventful, maybe I’m just used to more action/thriller books.

In A Nutshell

-Echo was not what I thought it’d be, it was slow, uneventful and not very magical. However, the writing was beautiful and gave the story a mystical aura 🙂

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