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No True Echo Mini Review (Confusing, but Not…)


Well No True Echo was weird, I can’t decide if it is a good weird or a meh weird… this review is just going to be all over the place because this book was ALL over the place. MINI REVIEW TIME!

  • I REALLY like how this book was written. There are two points of views, Liphook and Eddie. The thing is, I still don’t understand why Liphook was important, her chapters were always really short and felt unimportant… I think she was there to hint at us about what was really going on but still. And Eddie’s chapters were short too but he kept jumping all over the place because of time. Which brings me to my next point!
  • No True Echo was a jumbled mess of questions. I LOVE but don’t love that. Eddie kept jumping through time and every character as a result was changing but he kept living the same day over and over through the whole book. That made No True Echo kind of boring but also interesting.. GAH this book has me loving and loathing it BLEH. But seriously, by the end of the book I was annoyed.
  • I was annoyed because Eddie was ALWAYS confused, and I don’t blame him because I was confused. But darn it, this book made no sense until the very ending but even then it didn’t make sense.
  • The ending was bleh. I really did not like it even if it was plot twisty… so meh…

It’s probably obvious that I can’t decide how I feel about this book. I tried my best to explain it but it probably didn’t help much :P. So… yeah… 2.5/5 stars.


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