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First Kisses and Other Misfortunes (Grimbaud #3) Review! (Swoon with ME!)


OH MY GAWSH! THIS! JUST THIS! Swoon Reads is really good at publishing swoon worthy stories so if you love swooning like me, READ THEIR BOOKS!

Okay before I get to my review, I just want to admit that I am a in LOVE with Love Fortunes and Other Disasters AND the covers for these lovely stories. And if you really want to know how I felt about the first book, you can read my review below!

Love Fortunes and Other Disasters Review!

Ok, now that THAT is over with. This says Grimbaud #3 but it could be #1.5 🙂 it has spoilers for SOME things that happen in book 1 but it could be read whenever.

What I Liked

While this book was short, it was free and sent out on Valentine’s Day (HOW PERFECT!), it managed to be 100% adorable and swoon worthy. Two of my favorite things :D! AND there was a preview for Love Charms and Other Catastrophes (the preview is amazing, I HAVE to pre-order it oh my gaaawsh!)!

Nico and Martin are certified adorable. I swear to you! I SWEAR IT! I ship them. One of my favorite things about this novella was definitely the rotating points of view. Martin and Nico are so very different and I liked that :). We got a chance to wiggle into their brain (uh, maybe not that because THAT sounds creepy) and see all of their feelings for each other. I love Martin and Nico together, let’s be real here. They are meant for each other 🙂

So Camille is back and she is this stories baddie. Again. COME ON CAMILLE MOVE ON! She is just so UGH. I cannot believe that girl. But she is a good addition to this novella XD she keeps it interesting and heart breaking and also, heart pounding. My goodness that girl is OUT FOR BLOOD.

I LOVE (man I just love a lot about these books XD) Kimberly Karalius! AND THIS IS THIRD PERSON, I LOVE THIRD PERSON WITH A BURNING PASSION! Ok. I don’t know was else to say other than 1. The writing is just SO amazing and 2. GET THIS BOOK (and the first book and the second book) NOW 😀


The preview for the next book is amazing :)!

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Seriously though, First Kisses and Other Misfortunes is really really cute, and if you like cute read it! Kimberly Karalius blew me away again XD. But yeah, like I said, I definitely recommend these books 🙂


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