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The Prey Review


I actually saw The Prey sometime last year, but the reviews stopped me from reading/buying it. But eventually I saw it at Barnes and Nobles, had a coupon, and it was a paperback so I bought it. Why? Because it sounded EPIC, and I wanted to read this book badly, no matter what anyone else said.

What I Liked

-The cover. SOOOOO pretty. I love the blue/grey/green cover and the font is beautiful. Pretty!


-The summary made the book sound amazing (read my point below to see why I didn’t like it). The Prey sounded like it had so much promise, like it’d be a creepy story of survival. That’s what I wanted (but didn’t get 😦 ).

What I Didn’t Like

-There were certain parts I felt were unnecessarily violent. Like the part with the wolves, I don’t want to talk about it….but I guess it did show how ruthless their world is and how much it has changed over the years. I was still pretty disgusted though.

-The characters were okay. I didn’t really feel anything for any of them so it was hard to stick with the book. Hope and Book’s relationship just didn’t feel right to me, it felt either forced, or fake. They constantly thought about each other but never did anything with it, they’d just fight or ignore each other. That’s it. So, I wasn’t a fan.

-I’m not sure if I read the summary wrong, but the story felt COMPLETELY different. These characters were raised to be hunted but they were rarely hunted before they escaped. And there wasn’t any explanation as to why the Less Thans were counted as Less Thans, because they look different? Because they had radiation? The reason felt really weak to me and unbelievable. I don’t believe that the United States would just drop all their beliefs and start hunting people who, pretty much, were their friends.

-The ending. No. I get it was bravery, but it made the whole story pointless. Then again, I’d want to do the better thing too. So, I get it. I like it but don’t like it.

once upon a time

Fables Final Thoughts

-Wait, Angelina, you have more dislikes than likes, why did you give it three stars? Because this book wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read. It wasn’t poorly written or very boring. It just didn’t sweep me off my feet to get a higher rating, and it didn’t bore me to death to get a lower one. Tis why 🙂 I think maybe the next book will be better? I may just get it from the library this time…

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