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A Calamity Inspired Discussion (No spoilers :D)

The Reckoners is probably one of my favorite book series out there ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, sadly, it’s over. But the book does have some good ideas that we could talk about, so why not do it in honor of a great book?

Calamity is the third and final book in The Reckoners but in this post there won’t be any spoilers ๐Ÿ™‚

In case you were wondering if I liked the book, you can read my review of Calamityย here!

In The Reckoners, David lives in a world were Epics rule the world. Epics are people that emerged with powers once Calamity rose, but the more they use their powers the more evil they become. Steelheart killed David’s father and he’s out for revenge.

This leads me to my main question…

If you were an Epic, what power would you have?

I’ve always loved superhero/people with super power books. I think they’re so cool. What I LOVED about Steelheart was that they were called Epics, had a weakness (that was hard to find) AND the more they used their powers, the more evil they became. But I don’t think I could pick a power for me XD There would be so many choices and maybe your Epic power relates to who you are? If this was the case then maybe I’d be able to turn into a fluffy stuffed animal, or read really quickly. Not all of the Epics had super cool, invincibility or flying powers. I’m pretty sure I’d be one of the low level ones David would pick off easily.

Yeah…that’d be me.

BUT, and here’s the big BUT people. Twin Epics are seriously hard to find because one ends up killing off the other. (There’s a spoilery reason behind this). If I were an Epic, I think Brianna would be one of those super strong Epics. I think she would live and I would die xD (she’s got the stubbornness, I’ve got that sass). I could just imagine Brianna standing on a hill, laughing like a maniac (from using her powers too much), lightning flashing in the background and her cape flapping in the wind. Yes, yes, YES! This is great.

AND NOW I (BRIANNA) SHALL REVEAL MY POWER (but not my weakness ๐Ÿ˜‰ can’t let you guys beat me up now, can I?)


Anyways, what would your power be? ๐Ÿ™‚

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