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Calamity Review


Oh my gosh, it’s over. One of my favorite series to ever come into existence has come to a finish. Why must all the good things come to an end? WHY?

Anyways I bought this book with the pre-order package and look at what it came with.

calamity gifts

It’s signed with a mini comic book of Mitosis (a novella for the Reckoners novella 🙂 ), a note from Brandon Sanderson, a sticker, some pins (which are on my backpack!), and character cards. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂 I’m just so sad it’s over…

By the way, this is the third book in the series 🙂

What I Liked:

-The cover is so pretty, I LOVE the colors 🙂 and on another short note, it was good to be back reading the series. It felt like years between the second and third book, I just had to know how it ended!

-On a random note they talk about twin epics in Calamity. They’re rare because one ends off killing the other. I was sitting there, reading it, and I began to wonder which one of us would survive. Brianna or I? Hmmmm….

-My favorite quote from Firefight came back. THE POTATO!!! Here’s the paraphrased quote:

“You are a sunrise.”

“A sunrise?”


“Not a potato?”

Megan has officially been upgraded from a potato to a sunrise. This part made me smile so much because I LOVED the potato thing, it was hilarious. But this moment was one of David’s wise moments were he sounded poetic, it was such a sweet moment 🙂

-One of my FAVORITE things about the whole series, other than the Epics and their weaknesses/powers, was the settings. I don’t read a lot of books that don’t take place in an imaginative world, most take place in Los Angeles or New York and this series takes place in our world but it’s SO MUCH more creative. Calamity takes place in Ilditha a city made of salt from an Epic’s powers. The buildings build up and destroy themselves over a week, then they build up somewhere. So the city is traveling and made of salt, it was so cool and magical 🙂


-The ending I liked a lot. It was sweet and I got chills!

What I Didn’t Like:

-I think the beginning was a bit disappointing compared to the ending of Firefight. Firefight was more explosive and Calamity started off on the slow end. I expected an action packed beginning and kind of got that. Just not in the way I was expecting.

-I was a little bit confused when it came to Calamity himself/herself (not gonna spoiler her/his identity :D) But on a spoiler topic [spoiler]I was wondering who sent Calamity. Because didn’t Calamity say someone sent him? Who? What? Why? I wanted answers and didn’t get them…I don’t think I did O.o[/spoiler]

Fables Final Thoughts:

-Calamity started off a bit slow but I was taken away to a magical land with Epics and Reckoners. The ending was great too, like I said, I got chills. I’m just sad one of my favorite series has now come to a close..


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