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Things that Bother Me When Visiting Websites/Blogs

I am going to college to be a Graphic and Web Designer, so one of my BIGGEST pet peeve is when I’m on the internet and I come across a certain things… So today I decided to talk about the things that irritate me when I read blogs :). I’m not trying to pick on certain blogs, so don’t yell at me ok? I’m not going to point out what websites/blogs do this soooo yeah. Don’t hate meh…

OH AND! I am not trying to tell people HOW to blog or HOW to set up their website, it’s entirely up to you :). I’m just giving an idea of what bothers ME personally when I read websites 😀 Also I am not an expert at this 😛

  1. Grammar, capitalization, SPELLING, font size/color/type.
  2. Un-organized layout
  3. Hard commenting system
  4. Video Ads

1.Grammar, capitalization, SPELLING, font size/color/type

Ok before I jump into this, if you write everything in text speech I will stop reading immediately. NOTHING ANNOYS ME MORE THAN TEXT SPEECH UGH. how r u grl? good n u? UGH JUST NO *rages* Any who, it is OK to have some grammar and capitalization, spelling mistakes 🙂 that’s fine. But if your post has a ton of spelling errors it’s just kind of odd, not to judge. There is spell check on line, it underlines your problems and helps you fix them :O and it’s always a good idea to have someone read your post over for errors before you publish it :).

AND PLEASE DON’T WRITE EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPS. and please don’t write things without caps because i personally, love caps lock. But please capitalize the appropriate words 🙂

Font color, size and type is also important! If you font is super cursivey and fancy pantsy, not everyone will be able to read what you are writing. You could have the BEST post in the world and people will give up trying to read your blog/website because of the colors, font, size. I think it’s typically best to stick with black on white 🙂 but it’s always cool to change the font color but make sure that it doesn’t clash with the background or people won’t read it.

Another thing is font size. If it’s too small no one can read it, but if it’s 100% HUGE, if you whole entire post is, for example, size 72 font is HUGE 😛,  people are probably going to stop right there and move on :O. Sorry to say it, but reading text that big just makes me feel like I’m being screamed at.


2. Un-Organized Layout

If your website is not organized it’s difficult to navigate AND harder to find more posts to read. If your blog doesn’t have a menu at the top for example, how will people narrow down your posts to reviews or memes so they can find exactly what they want?

Another good thing to have is a search bar :). It is a LIFE saver! When you go to a blog/website and you want to find something specific it is A LOT easier to type it in your blog/websites search bar and find it instead of having to go through every one of your posts. I use it all the time when I visit blogs :).

I’d also recommend having an easy way for people to contact you/find you on social media. Maybe not you personally, but your blog at least haha. It is hard for people to keep finding your posts/contact you if you have no way to be found. You’ll gain more followers, in my opinion, if your social media and contact form are easy to find :D.


3. Hard Commenting System

I’m not exactly sure what commenting system is best, so sorry I can’t give any insight there :P. But the thing is, sometimes I read a blog post and I REALLY want to comment but I can’t find a way to comment. It can be difficult when you need to have certain accounts for certain commenting systems :O. I wish I knew more about the different kinds but I don’t sooooo… Maybe ask your readers what they think about your commenting system. Is it easy? Difficult to use? Then take that information and put it into action :). Personally, I am more likely to comment if the blog allows a name and URL to comment, otherwise I typically use google+ or twitter :).

4. Video Ads

I don’t have the internet for this! Video ads are annoying sorry to say it :O. They use up my LIMITED internet data and force me to leave the blog/website right away because I want my internet to survive the month until it refreshes! Picture ads don’t bother me, those are fine :). But video ads are another story…

Those are four things that turn me away from reading a website/blog. What things do you find make websites less appealing? Let me know :)?



3 thoughts on “Things that Bother Me When Visiting Websites/Blogs

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog with video ads, but I also use an ad blocker. I guess my question would be whether the blogger has any control over that. I use because it’s free. I don’t have the money to pay for self-hosting right now. So there are ads. I never see them, as I said, because I use an ad blocker, so frankly I have no idea whether they’re videos or not. And while I hate video ads, too, (so scary to have something suddenly start making noise!), I wouldn’t really blame a blogger for this if it’s just because they need to use a free blogging platform.


  2. I totally agree! What I hate most is color choice and organization. Some blogs are pink on pink or something similar and it is so difficult to read. Being able to easily find posts is a plus, so I dislike it when there is no search bar or an easier way to view all of the reviews besides scrolling endlessly through older posts.


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