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Reign of Shadows Review


I received this book from Edelweiss, this does NOT change my opinion at all 🙂

Honestly, this was one of Brianna’s books, but she requested it on Edelweiss. She couldn’t get past the first chapter (because it was boring Brianna: IN MY DEFENSE IT WAS SO BORING (sorry)) so I decided to take it on as a challenge. I probably shouldn’t have….and here’s my thoughts.

What I Liked:

-After I saw the author was Sophie Jordan, I thought I might enjoy this book 🙂 I loved her Uninvited book, just not Unleashed. I always think it’s cool when I remember an authors name and writing…

-I like the cover 🙂

-The description was good at some points, and the monsters they ran in to were creeeeeeppppyyyyyy.

What I Didn’t Like:

-The beginning was really hard for me to get through. For some reason it just didn’t hold my attention, and I couldn’t get past a few pages without getting bored. Eventually I grew used to it and then I could focus more, but it took a while. The writing was just hard for me to stay focused on, for some reason…


-My BIGGEST problem with the Reign of Shadows is the ending. It made the whole story seem pointless and it wasn’t that great. Sure, it wasn’t the worst ending I’ve ever read but it was pretty close. I just didn’t like it, not at all. Like I said, it made the whole book seem pointless, like why did they go through this whole thing before deciding to drop everything and change their plan? Seriously? The more I think about it the more I dislike it.

-I guess another problem I had was some of the logic. So, mini spoiler, but Luna is the princess of the kingdom. And when the bad king comes in and kills her family, two people take her and run. They hide her in a tower. But…wouldn’t it make more sense if she blended in? I’m sure she wasn’t the only child born that day, and she probably looks like other people in the kingdom. I don’t know, it just didn’t make sense.

-It seems like ALL that happened was just the two main characters walking around, occasionally running into people/creatures, fighting with one another and occasionally admitting their love for one another. And then the ending came and threw all that away.

-Mini spoilers, yet again. Perla or Sivo (I think it was Sivo) said that Luna was special. This was never shown, nor was it talked about. Was she special because she was the princess or…what?

Fables Final Thoughts:

-Reign of Shadows wasn’t my cup of tea, I’m not sure why I finished it to be honest. The world was pretty creepy but the story was just walking around and arguing with one another. Oh…did I mention I didn’t like the ending?


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