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The Tragic Age Review!


I received this book from St. Martin in order for an honest review, this doesn’t change my opinion on the book.

When I first read the synopsis for The Tragic Age, I got really excited. It sounds so much like a book I would eat up, literally EAT UP. The thing is, I was left feeling underwhelmed and a bit disappointed :P. I think I know why, every review I’ve seen so far has compared this to The Catcher and the Rye and I see all the similarities, that book… If there is one book in this world I loath it is The Catcher in the Rye *flails* I HATE IT DX! The Tragic Age reminds me so much of the book that shall not be named, so if you liked that book then you’d probably love The Tragic Age XP.

Trigger Warning: Suicide

What I Liked

I loved how Billy had “sidebar” thoughts. The Tragic Age was filled with a ton of random facts that Billy told us as if he were searching the internet. Cool beans, cool beans.

The main characters broke into homes, ok so this sounds bad XD. Anyways, I loved how they broke into homes and Billy was always searching for something, memories of the people who live in those homes. I thought that was a very cool, unique idea.

What I Didn’t Like

I am not a fan of inappropriate/mature content, I just don’t feel comfortable reading it. Some people are fine with it, but in my case, The Tragic Age was kind of gross. There are plenty of sexual scenes I skipped because it made me feel uncomfortable, I was VERY close to DNFing it because of it. Just be warned, if you don’t like reading that kind of thing, there is a lot of that in this book >___<

Typically, I never really dislike characters… sadly, I didn’t like a single character in The Tragic Age. Every single character felt a bit stereotypical, and overused. They weren’t memorable and were very difficult to relate too, their personalities were taken to the extreme. For example, Ephraim is a geek who basically gave up his life for computer games, no one likes him, they are all jerks to him, even the main characters who are his “friends” are always telling him to go away and telling him he is worthless, they bully him for goodness sake. I couldn’t love these characters, I couldn’t enjoy them at all. They were cold and boring, I’m sorry to say 😦

The Tragic Age was slow and, kind of weird? It seemed like there wasn’t a story, and the book just focused on Billy who didn’t do much but lead us on. The most frustrating and kind of interesting part of this book were the events that didn’t happen. It was a unique cool idea that the author included, where he would have Billy tell us something only to end that event with an “only that didn’t happen.” Sometimes those didn’t happen events went on for a while, there were a few stacked up after each other to the point I got annoyed. It didn’t get the point so the book felt like it was filled with unimportant events and was fluffy.

In a Nutshell

I wasn’t a huge fan of this book sadly :(. The characters and story both were uninteresting to me, and with all the sexual scenes added I could NOT get into this book. Although if you like The Catcher and the Rye then this is the book for you 😛


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