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The 100 Ep.#6 (Season #3) Review

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂 we’re back with another review of LAST weeks episode. As usual we have the lovely Wren back to join us. But sure to check out her blog!


Also be warned for spoilers 🙂 this is season 3 and episode 6…so you have been warned!


Twins: It hasn’t even started and I know it’s gonna be CRAY-CRAY! That preview KILLED MEH!


Here’s the low down.

Not much happened really. There were attacks on the Grounders and retaliations to those attacks. People were going to be killed but weren’t. And we see more people in La La Land because of Jaha and his magic pill.


The episode starts out with Clarke casually sketching her waifu Lexa. The lovebirds are rudely interrupted by Inept Adviser who brings in a mysterious box.

Wren: Clarke knows how to draw?

And I feel Clexa coming on

Aka Lexa is hallucinating. Is she on the shrooms too?

Twins: The assassin has yet to return…

Wren: Yeah…is that kiddo dead?

Also…where’s Thomas Brodie Sangster lookalike?

Is the assassin in the box?

Twins: I LOVE Lexas room xD it’s so cool!!!!

Wren: And her clothes look cool too

Twins: Yes, their wardrobes NEVER fail us! They need to make a 100 fashion line. Backpack boxes are the rage, says Brianna…

Shady box

Wren: Emerson? Who?

“Put him in a cage”? SERIOUSLY. That’s your first instinct? Not…”SEDATE HIM!” or something?


We then magically travel to Octavia spying on Monty and Monty’s Mom Hannah. And the Skaikru see a Grounder kid…and almost kill him. Whoops!


Wren: YES. Octavia is a spy! And probably a really good one too.

Okay. Monty’s mom isn’t going to kill a kid, right? No. She better be letting him go…

Twins: Oh acid sap on the tree? OUCH…

Wren: Acid tree. Trippy. 😉


And, of course, we vent a little about Pike. Because with a name Pike, you’re bound to be stabbed.


Twins: Whatever Pike is up to is no good, that’s what. Take away his shiny badge. A BADGE DOES NOT EQUAL POWER!


And Raven is tripping on the Jaha Magical Drugs. (Patent pending.)


Twins: Ravens gonna go crazy, I don’t believe her when she says it’s not drugs…it’s weird they automatically accept the City of Light as real…Raven’s happy, she smiled…that NEVER happens.


And Kane tries to sneak around. But he’s absolutely pathetic at being a spy.


Wren: No duh. We don’t want to get caught, Nate.

Since when? Since when did the idiotic Pike figure out Grounders gonna do ANYTHING

Twins: Bellamy, I’m still disappointed in you.

the 100 ep.#6

Still? Still.

And we continue the story with EVEN MORE DRUGS. (Parents, I remind you that drugs in this series make you go to a City of Light. So they’re totally good for you.)

And people have to be obviously rebellious. Because plot?



Twins: I don’t like this Jaha thing ONE BIT. Nope. Something’s fishy about it.

Wren: No. Jasper, listen to her. Don’t do drugs! (This is actually an amazing message. This show is quite cool.)

Twins: Monty has NEVER had corn…no popcorn? NOTHING?!?!?!?!

Wren: With what seeds? And “I’ve never had corn”? I doubt it…

Also…why starving? They have money and stuff

Twins: What’s wrong with sharing? Why must they kill one another? sharing is caring people.

Wren: NOOO. NOt you too, Monty. PLEASSEE

Brianna asks: Why do the teenagers have more morals? XD

Wren: “Die fighting for your home or starve to death”? I sense a logical fallacy.

Twins: Bellamy….


And Clarke is deciding on how to kill Emerson…wait…I mean how to deal his sentence…wait…


Twins: Clarke’s decision is kind of hypocritical, I understand her fury but still.

Wren: Who is this dude? The dude in the box?

49 cuts? What type of punishment is that!

Twins: One for every person who died in mount weather. I think?


And Jaha’s smexy lady Alie gently guides-I mean forces– Raven into finding Alie 2.0 aka Mini Me.


Wren: How did Jaha come into the hallucination? And why do people join with Raven?

Twins: Oh there’s a version two if something is wrong. But there’s NO going back. What’s wrong with the version they have?

Wren: City of Light, I think, is heaven. Does Jaha even have a smidge of regret about teaming up with Alie?

Twins: What did she just say?

Yeah I think it’s heaven too, when they go to the City of Light their suddenly healed. It’s gotta be death…


And, per usual, Lexa and the Grounder Group debate on starting a war with the Skaikru or starting a war with the Skaikru.


Twins: So…they’re trying to make peace with people who only know war. Right? But that’s EXACTLY what the Sky People are doing, fighting, not the Grounders.

Wren: What…this is not peace!

Also…does Monty look cuter in this episode or no?

OH! Bryan is other dude’s boyfriend, isn’t he? Bryan is actually kinda cute too…

Twins: I don’t remember him O.o

Wren: I think he’s new.

No subtitles? Aw man… And switching to English? Uh…okay?

Twins: No she’s not threatening you, she’s trying to help you.


EVEN MORE DRUGS. (I mean, when does this story arc end? Never!)

Also KaneXAbby is apparently a ship. (Not that Wren’s a part of it.)


Wren: It’s drugs, idiot. DRUGS -Wren screech- HOPE?!?! Hahaha.

OH I know. Jacky boy is on dem drugs too

Twins: Is they guy in the cult? That doctor guy?

Wren: I feel like KanexAbby is probably a thing. Somewhere…

Twins: I think so too xD YESH 🙂

Wren: Pike is like a drug too. And Bellamy’s hooked. Every adult is a drug. Except Kane and Abby.

Oh man. Kane got the kissu. He’s getting more tonight 😉

Twins: Awwwwwwwwwwww HOPEEEEEEEEE

Brianna says, “I guess you’re over floating your husband…”

Wren: And Abby says…”Yes. Kane’s a hottie. ;)”


And Octavia tries, and mildly fails, to be the good guy…girl.


Wren: The horse approves of Octavia. And also of Dirty Child.

Aka they can’t fight machine guns.

Twins: What’s wrong with these people?

Wren: Oh man. They’re planning something.

NOOO. Octavia!

Twins: (Aka this is a spoiler. WHOOPS. Highlight to show)Woop plot twist right there, they knocked out Octavia.


Oh my gosh Raven has to stop, there’s something wrong with the version of her City of Light.

Wren: “Secure.” Of course


And Jasper (the man of the hour) is tempted by DRUGS. (I sense a theme.)

the 100 ep.#6 f

What happened to this lovable guy? 😦

Wren: No. Jasper, fight it. Don’t get the drugs. You’re stronger than this. What would Monty think…wait. Monty is with Pike too

Twins: Cage is still out there as some cannibal guy.


And we meet Emerson. Again.


Wren: So he knows Grounder? Emerson. Was that the guy who sent the girl into the air without an air mask? Brunette guy?

Fighting means choking yourself, dude.

Twins: So this guy is summing it up, Clarke had her retribution. She doesn’t technically have to kill that guy.

Wren: Clarke knows she won’t escape it. But she tries. So hard.

Twins: “My pain is today, yours has just begun.” Something bad is coming for Clarke.


And Inept Adviser ends up in Clarke’s room like a creepo.


Wren: “Not looking through your stuff, Clarke. And I don’t wanna ease myself into your pants or anything!”

Guilty? For what!

But she doesn’t listen to her own adviser? Idiotic

Twins: Lexa lets her emotions rule, maybe. Unlike previous seasons she has opened up to her feelings? XD


And Jasper is, yet again, tempted by drugs. Andd Abby gets uber-suspicious about Jaha’s Magical Drug.



Plus…how do you learn without pain?


Wren: “I want the exact formula.”

Twins: NOOOOOO SHE’S NOT GONNA TAKE IT IS SHE? He forgot Wells because of it, he was Jahas PAIN! AND finally Abby is smart enough to test the thing.

Wren: Even I forgot about Wells. Oh my gosh…

She’s shutting down the drug ring. What if they go psycho-crazy?

Twins: It’s smart to shut it down XD YOU GO ABBY/ GO GIRL!

Wren: There’s a medical condition where you force your internal problems externally. So maybe this is the reverse?

I KNEW DOCTOR DUDE WAS IN IT. Is everyone cool on these drugs? UGH

Twins: I wonder what his pain was?

Wren: Mental probably.


And the Grounder retaliate. Because no one likes being pushed around!

And Monty is maybe a hero?


Wren: Wasn’t she just on the floor?

Hey, has anyone thought about what if the Grounders get guns? Like…steal some?

No…BELLAMY. He’s done bad things, but I still love him…

Twins: Monty had his hero moment. In like the 2nd season he was jealous that Jasper got to save someone or something…now he has their moment but someone died…

Wren: No duh, Hannah. Not everyone loves Pike.



Go, Clarke!


Wren: They’re doing it in the throne room?!?! What about getting your dirty carpet dirtier?

I’d prefer a whip… A dagger is so personal.

Twins: Everyone’s thinking, “oh my gosh. Did she just say? Yes. She said NO!”

Clarke speaks the truth, saying she’d only kill him for what she’s done, not what he’s done.

Wren: Hm…I think Lexa’s running with this.

Also…how big is this place?!?!

Banishment…from your land?? Your land is EVERYWHERE.

Twins: “He’s the last of his kind?” What about Cage? He’s still a Reaper…

Wren: This is actually more cruel…


And Murphy is doing…stuff. (NO SPOILERS.)



Also, what’s this AI they’re looking for?

Well…Wren…you got your whip XD

Poor, poor Murphy…


Preview: (From Wren)

The theme sounds like Doctor Who… DO WEEE WOOO.

Also…clasping forearms. It’s the new hug.

And Indra is back and better (?) than ever!


Old buildings are GORGEOUS (per usual)

And candles (in Lexa’s room. I sense a fire hazard…)

Poison gas (is poisonous, of course.)

And we get to see a Grounder village! (Or at least a different one!)

Parent’s Guide (From Worried Teens and Wren):

Somebody dies


Poison gas

Some blood when Octavia is kicked in the mouth

Bloody Emerson

Murphy gets tortured (which we barely see)


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