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An Into the Dim Inspired Discussion- TIME TRAVEL *throws confetti* (Spoiler Free!)

Angelina brought up the WONDERFUL idea of writing discussion posts about specific books the DAY AFTER we post the review *throws confetti* WE START TODAY XD. So, my Into the Dim review posted yesterday.

My review for Into the Dim which I DID but DIDN’T like see why here!

It is only appropriate that this discussion be about time travel! *drum roll* Recently Angelina and I gave a list of all the historical fiction settings we’d adore to see more of, this post is going to be kind of like that list (TTT post here if you’re interested!) Only instead of talking about places we’d like to see more of, we are going to talk about…

Time Travel Considerations (THE ‘WHAT IF’S’ OF TIME TRAVEL)

I literally just thought of some INSANE things dealing with time travel that I can’t stop thinking about right now. There are so many questions about time travel that I have right now that I can’t even. So why not talk about all of our BURNING questions when it comes to traveling through time.

  1. WHAT IF when you travel forward in time you also age as you go… so say you go 300 years in the future, you would be dead by the time you get there because you age as you go O_O”
  2. WHAT IF the inverse is true. Would people travel back in time to live FOREVER by being born over and over again? 
  3. WHAT IF time looped over and over again if you went back in time. What then? You’d be living your life a billion times endlessly
  4. AND WHAT IF you didn’t remember that loop in time. So every time you traveled back in time to relive life you didn’t remember it O_O” So we have already relived life like a billion times with NO MEMORY of it!
  5. WHAT IF THIS IS HAPPENING TO US NOW XD? (kidding kidding)
  6.  On another note, WHAT IF when you went back in time, you forget your memories from where you are actually from? I think this would happen (maybe XD) because you aren’t from that time. Maybe the world knows about you being from the future and you can’t reveal the future SO it erases your memories to keep you from spilling the beans.

Time travel books WE LOVE

Other than those mind blowing thoughts on time travel, here are a FEW time travel books we love 🙂

FairCoinbyECMyers QuantumCoinbyECMyers

Fair Coin and Quantum Coin by E.C. Myers

AMAZING! You can read my reviews here, I recommend them!

Fair Coin Review!

Quantum Coin Review!

Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Childrenhollow citylibrary of souls

The Peculiar Children Books by Ransom Riggs

This is kind of time travel and sort of historical fiction but mostly paranormal XD. Anyways, these books are SO good. I only reviewed the last book though so…

Library of Souls Review (Peculiar Children #3) 

the love that split the world

The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

Perfect for fans of romance and time travel AND diversity. Check, check and check 😀

TLTSTW Review!


Landline by Rainbow Rowell

An ADULT time travel (ish. More like Twilight Zone ish) story written by the AMAZING+INCREDIBLE Rainbow Rowell 🙂

Landline Review!

SO! What crazy time travel consequences should there be? Do I make any good points or is it all mumbo jumbo? ALSO WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TIME TRAVEL STORY? Let me know :)?

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