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Into the Dim Review! (This Book Took Me Back. WAYYYYY Back XD)


I received this book from NetGalley, thanks to the publisher, in exchange for an honest review, this doesn’t change my review!

Words cannot express how excited I was to read Into the Dim. I WAS INCREDIBLY EXCITED and MORE! Into the Dim sounded like a book I’d love and it was, more or less, loveable :D.


What I Liked

One of the BEST things about this book was the writing. Since the very first sentence, Into the Dim captivated me. Janet B. Taylor is a GREAT writer, I can’t wait to read more from her in the future. Her writing shows đŸ˜€ it doesn’t tell, it makes a movie *Swoons*

Besides me not really remembering Bram when he returns in the story, I kind of love him. I love his charm and his arrogance XD. I also love Hope, she is shy when it comes to strangers, she’s claustrophobic, she has a photographic memory. She is unlike the majority of many YA main characters I’ve read, not trying to put down other mcs but I loved Hope. She wasn’t loud mouthed and super daring or incredibly brave but she was… it’s hard to explain. Half of these characters I adored, the other half I loathed. Particularity the midevil guys *cough* dirt bags *cough*  -____- AWFUL PEOPLE> GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

The ending was something I did but didn’t love. There was a shocking reveal which I loved but it didn’t blow me away. It was more like “eh, cool.”

What I Didn’t Like

This book spent half of the time in the 21st century… but the rest was spent in midevil London. Ok, I love historical fiction and stuff, this is time travel but I did learn a lot about midevil London. I GET that London back then was awful awful awful BUT there were so many mentions of rape in this book that I almost put it down. Nearly every midevil guy attempts it minus a few. It was hard to read… but it never happened it just came close. SICKENING.

Into the Dim was boring, but it wasn’t. I SOOOOOO cannot put what I’m thinking right now into words, but half of it felt boring the other half was interesting… so huh…

This is a time travel book without much time traveling. Like I said, half of the book is in our time, the other half is in midevil London, THAT IS IT! Why did they only go to one place? I wish they took more time to visit other locations… so… ok đŸ˜¦

Everything that happened near the ending of Into the Dim, well okay, EVERYTHING that happened in Into the Dim was so convenient. EVERYTHING. There wasn’t much struggle because they always had someone to help them out of the hole they dug. There was struggle but it didn’t last long until someone came to help out…………………. I would have liked this more if they had less friends in London.

The bad guy wasn’t bad. Ok so I wont say who it is because it might spoil some people but she felt bad just because they needed a bad guy. I don’t understand her problem, I don’t get why she did the things she did or why she hated ____. UGH.

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Into the Dim was a mostly enjoyable time travel story :). Mostly. I felt like it needed less convenience but you win some you lose some. I would probably recommend this to people to read though, honestly I would because it was pretty good!


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