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Discussion Time-Should Bloggers Be Paid?

I have SO many feelings on this and so does the book blogging community XD. And since I feel so strongly about this topic, I might as well bring it up here on the blog, because why not?

Blogging is a LOT of work, more work that you’d assume if you didn’t blog. Angelina and I spend HOURS working on posts for our blog and conjuring up new things to write about like this post for example. Finishing books takes hours as well, then reviewing them and cross posting to Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and so on… there are SO many hours put into reviewing books from reading it to posting it. Not that I’m complaining because I literally love doing this and it is SO worth it and asdfghjkl but still. That’s a lot of hours O_O”

SEE Thor gets it. The coffee is keeping me up right now so– zzzzzzzz

So why shouldn’t book bloggers be paid? Why is it ok for other kinds of bloggers to be paid but not book bloggers?

Well, one negative point I can see is being paid to review certain books. Some people think that the money will be an incentive for you to rate a book higher than you actually thought. I get that, I really do. So here’s my thought… book bloggers shouldn’t be paid to review books, they should be paid in other ways liiiiiiiike

  1. Making headers/ wallpaper/ images for other blogs
  2. Making prints to sell on Society 6/ Redbubble
  3. Setting up blog tours
  4. Ads / promoting books and blogs and so on
  5. Donations

Why is it “wrong” for book bloggers to make money this way? Having a website is costly, buying books and setting up giveaways also adds to the cost. It’s just odd that people are ok with fashion and lifestyle bloggers being paid but suddenly your a book blogger and it’s not ok.

Personally, I’d love to get paid to help pay for the monthly website fees. It would be nice XD

What do you think? Should book bloggers be paid or not?


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