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Agents of Shield Ep. #16, #17 and #18 (Season #1) Review

Welcome back. Season 1 is ALMOST done. Are you ready?

Episode #16

What We Liked

  • IT IS OFFICIAL! Skye is finally a Shield Agent *awwwwww*. Words cannot express how happy this scene has made me :D! It was definitely a sweet scene and victory on her part.
  • The intrigue is on when it comes to Deathlock… er… Peterson. The SUSPENSE lights up right around now. I literally love Deathlock’s story, I would NOT mind a show or movie about him. I heard they are making him a comic though, a new one at least if there is an old one.
  • Simmons and Fitz continue to be adorable :D. In this episode they debate who is the Watson and who is the Sherlock of their relationship. Simmons is definitely the Sherlock, sorry Fitz XD


  • Angelina and I have a billion theories on who the Clairvoyant REALLY is. But we didn’t see this one coming. Who they reveal the Clairvoyant as was disappointing and SOOOOO creepy. Even good solider/ rule follower Grant takes a turn for the evil! He disobeyed orders *GASP*
  • The ending to this episode, again, DID NOT DISAPPOINT. May and Ftiz… they… watch this episode to find out >:D it was nuts and intense and crazy and I WAS SCARED FOR ____ XD. I blooped out the name so you will have to watch it XD.

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Episode 16 has a slow, yet sweet start. By the end of the episode, everything took a turn for the CRAZY!

Parent’s Guide (From Worried Teens!)

  • There is ONE swear word that we counted.
  • Peterson sends a missile at the Shield team, it explodes into a pillar.
  • Grant shoots someone in the chest, you see blood dripping from the wound.


Skye is FINALLY welcomed as an official Shield Agent (ITS ABOUT TIME)! Shield is on the hunt for The Clairvoyant. WILL THEY FIND HIM/HER/IT?

Rating 8/10

Episode #17- In which the POOH POOH hits the FAN FAN *Internally Screams*

What We Liked

  • The opening to this episode was SO intense, probably one of the most intense openings in the whole series! We were both on the edge of our seats, biting our nails (not really) about what was going to happen.
  • Simmons is in a terrible situation, one where we fear she may die. That gets pretty intense too 😮 NO Simmons NO!
  • A new group is introduced (spoilers) called Hydra. (end spoilers) We never saw this coming, NOT AT ALL!
  • More shocking revelations are made. (Expect spoilers with this point xD) It turns out Coulson didn’t really get to pick his group, May did. She picked them specifically so that if Coulson gets out of control, they can kill him, or if he needs help, they can heal him. It was such a sad moment I think we both were on the verge of tears T.T


  • This was literally the episode where the poop hit the fan and we’re not kidding here. Seriously it was crazy and unexpected. Seriously, it was great!

What We Didn’t Like

  • My one complaint about this episode is that it felt too witch hunty. There was too much finger pointing. Everyone needed someone to blame all of this on, so everyone kept throwing each other under the bus. UGH. Stop leading us on.

Fable’s Final Thoughts

  • This was a seriously crazy episode where the poop hit the fan, not literally. There’s a twist we never saw coming and the ending was quite shocking! Probably one of the best episodes yet.

Parent’s Guide (Spoilers lay ahead)

  • Missile explosion in the air in the very beginning.
  • Coulson shoots May with the Night Night gun
  • Coulson removes the bullets he shot May with
  • The enemies board the plane, one gets hit by an explosion.
  • A fight breaks out in The Hub, there is a LOT of shooting and of course fighting 😛
  • Hydra kills a few Shield agents by shooting them in the heads. Their blood is shown on the floor.
  • ONE swear word!
  • Another fight with a Hydra agent…
  • Coulson gets in a fight with a guy with a knife, he gets cut on the arm.
  • More explosions
  • MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS-  Grant shoots three people in the head, then continues to shoot one of the people repeatedly, more than necessary. Afterwords, it shows the blood pooling from the wound over her hand.


  • Friends become enemies and enemies become friends as Sheild’s plane get’s taken over by Hydra agents.

Rating 10/10

Episode #18

What We Liked

  • The good guys are… bad guys. Apparently. The Shield who is supposed to protect the world from evil is now labeled as Terrorists working for Hydra. Let’s be real here, the majority of Shield did actually work for Hydra… it is interesting… having the good guys on the run :(…
  • That is it.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Let’s be real here, Good Grant is better than Evil Grant, by like a billion times. And the reveal over who the Clairvoyant is was totally lame, I was hoping it would be Fitz. Let’s be real, that would be SO shocking and heart breaking… but I love Fitz 😀
  • This episode was also boring. After the last episode, maybe we were expecting a bit too much but STILL. You can’t pull something like that then go and slow it all down… 😦

Fable’s Final Thoughts

  • After the shocking last episode, episode 18 was very boring. It was a lot of running, talking, plotting… not enough action or suspense 😦


Parent’s Guide (From Worried Teens…)

  • Two guys were shot in the head, they didn’t dwell on it.
  • There is blood on Grant from being beat up (he deserves it THAT TRAITOR!)


  • Since the US air force is looking for the now fugitive group Shield, they are forced to erase their identities and go into hiding. Evil guy Grant and the Clairvoyant buddy up to recruit cray cray Raina to raid The Fridge, they are HUNGRY for new alien technology (pun very much intended). The Agents, minus Grant, search for Fury.

Rating 5/10




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