The Social Donators Project #1- Raising Money for UNICEF!

I am SO excited to start the first project for the Social Donators Project :). I decided to kick off this project with a well known charity that many of us (maybe?) have heard of.

Project One is UNICEF!


What exactly is UNICEF???

Well my dear reader, I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED :D.

According to UNICEF’s website (which can be found HERE! <—–) “UNICEF saves and protects the world’s most vulnerable children, working to ensure child rights and providing health care, immunizations, nutrition, access to safe water and sanitation services, basic education, protection and emergency relief.” This is on their FAQ page in case you were wondering :).

The short: they help take care of children all around the world.

Ok cool. SO, how much of their money actually GOES towards helping said children?

Another excellent question :). I’m trying to make sure each charity we fundraiser for donates most of their money towards their cause :D. According to UNICEF, for every dollar donated 90.2% of that goes to helping the children. A website I really like for checking on charities also has UNICEF’s facts on there. Check it out HERE <—–

I see. What is this months prize?

This month, for every dollar you spend (yes I changed it XD) you will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card, the money is coming from me, NOT what you donate just to make that clear. Isn’t that sweet :D? You donate money to a great cause and you get entered to win an AMAZING gift card :). Who doesn’t love Amazon???

How exactly will you know if I donated?

On Crowdrise, it tells me who donated and how much they gave :). Please let me know if you want to be entered for the prize in the comment section and leave the name you donated with. I will check it on Crowdrise and keep a list of everyone who enters and how much they entered. It’ll be kind of like Rafflecopter but not, it’s hard to explain but trust me, I will have a fair system :). (Excel probably, with how many entries you get then random selection (THANK YOU DATA ANALYSIS XD)

SIGN ME UP. Where can I donate?

SWEET JELLY BEANS I am glad you are AS EXCITED AS I AM *flails*.

I set up a fundraiser on Crowdrise, it’s what UNICEF said to do on their donation page. Here is the link


Just follow the instructions Crowdrise gives you and BOOM, thank you for your donations.

Any other questions? Let me know and I will answer them for you, I don’t bite!


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