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Colony Ep.#7 (Season #1) Review- Where our Loyalty is Confirmed

Well everyone…it’s official. Brianna and my loyalty to the Transitional Authority has been confirmed. But, it’s a bit awkward honestly, because if you go to their website we’re with the Resistance xD So does that make us a double agent? Honestly, I’m not sure if I trust the Resistance completely, something fishy is going on with them.


Also, does Fable look kick-butt in that picture, or is it just me? XD

It’s just so cool that the Twitter account for Colony talks to people and ‘recruits’ them 🙂 I LOVEEEEE IT!

What We Liked:

-Oh man, another intense episode opening. Brianna and I were both on the edges of our seats, leaning forward, waiting to see what happens next. Seriously, Colony gets more and more intense with each passing episode. I can’t imagine how the last episode of the series is going to be. Will we finally see the hosts? Will our questions be answered? PLEASE LET OUR QUESTIONS BE ANSWERED!

-The beginning was a bit weird (but it’s our personal taste, see below) and there was a reason for the weirdness, I think. But it led us to know more about the aliens/hosts. Or, perhaps they’re just lies the hosts want them to believe. There was foreshadow that the little girl will be a part of the alien/hosts/whatever-it-is/ return. I really want to know what’s going to happen to her. OH MY GORSH what’s going to happen? Seriously?

-But AFTER that part, it got intense fast. Katie comes home from the store and can’t seem to find her kids… it was intenssssssse like we said, but a really good opening for the show honestly :).

-Of course we have the Resistance working together…well…kind of. Anyways they talk in code, right? This episode had cool book code 🙂  Books just got cooler (and I didn’t even know that was possible!!)

What We Didn’t Like:

-The beginning was just weird. They have their own alien religion that seems to be part of the story. I think this just shows how much the hosts are part of their lives and how these people view them. I just didn’t like it.

Fables Final Thoughts:

-This episode was super good (and the preview for the next episode looked even crazier)! Colony is really picking up its pace and we can’t wait to see what happens next. We also can’t wait for more answers to our burning questions.

Parents Guide (From Worried Teenagers and A Sleeping Fable):

-This episode was pretty intense but the intensity really made it more graphic than the previous episodes. Broussard stabs a red hat in the neck, then shoots his head. There’s blood, it’s graphic and pretty disturbing (at least to Brianna and I…)

-There’s an adult scene, if you know what I mean. Brianna and I just changed the channel xD

-There are a few swear words, but not many (in comparison to Mr. Robot).

mr robot

Episode 7 Summary:

-The hunt is on for Broussard he’s harder to find than they all thought. But, will they find him? And when they find him, what’s going to happen?

Rating: 8/10


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