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A Frozen Heart (Did Not Thaw Mine) Review


The first time I saw this in Barnes and Nobles I knew two things. 1. I HAD TO READ THIS! 2. I wasn’t going to like it. But I got it from the library because of my uncertainty and read about half. I still love Frozen. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!


So, let’s venture forth into what I thought about this novel…

What I Liked

-A Frozen Heart was interesting in the sens that it switched back and forth between Anna and Hans. I SO wanted to know more about Hans and what made him do what he did (other than his reason in the movie). I also wanted to see if there was anything hidden in the book that they didn’t talk about in the movie. There was! Anna asks one of the servants the story behind one of the paintings she always talks to, or makes up stories for, and his answer is quite an interesting answer. I’d love to know more about those people in the painting. So, I guess this book wasn’t a total flop.

What I Didn’t Like

-Pretty much everything else. I didn’t find the writing to be compelling, it wasn’t descriptive or detailed and I found that it wasn’t holding my attention. I think if I were in middle school I would have loved this book, I don’t think A Frozen Heart is for people my age. I wish I were in middle school so I could enjoy A Frozen Heart, Frozen was so good and I can’t wait for the sequel (if there’s going to be one)!


Fables Final Thoughts

-Keep in mind that I only read through half of this book before I couldn’t handle it any longer. I just haven’t read a good book in so long. A Frozen Heart was a book I thought I wouldn’t like, but I gave it a try because I loved the movie so much.


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