Top Ten Tuesday- Ten Books We Didn’t Enjoy That We Thought We Would Like

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week is SUPPOSED to be Ten books I Enjoyed Recently That Aren’t My Typical Genre BUT THAT IS SUCH A HARD TTT! Why? Well, we kind of read every genre but horror and we haven’t read any horror books because we can’t stand them most of the time so O_O. So we modified ours to  Ten Books We Didn’t Enjoy That We Thought We Would Like, I know it’s kind of negative but you know, I haven’t read too many good books this year so I’m slowly sinking into a reading slump. *sigh*

The Shadow Queen and Tell the Wind and Fire

TheShadowQueenbyCJRedwinetell the wind and fire

Brianna: This book (The Shadow Queen) was really boring to me… I read the first half and could NOT bring myself to read the next…

Angelina: Ugh….I just can’t finish this book for the LIFE of me. It was really boring and uneventful….I just didn’t like it at all. But the cover is pretty.

The Darkest Minds and Echo

darkest mindsecho

Brianna: TDM was incredibly DISAPPOINTING. It was boring and felt dry 😦

Angelina: I expected a magical story but didn’t get that.

The Winner’s Curse and The Lifeboat Clique

the winers cursethe lifeboat clique

Brianna: The Winner’s Curse was and probably still is, the most boring story I have ever read. I dragged my way through the whole entire first book and felt absolutely nothing but BORED. I hear it gets better so I am going to continue the series but still… :O

Angelina: An original idea but it just wasn’t my favorite.

All of The Selection Series


Brianna: I read EVERY single selection book and the only one I liked was The One. The rest of them are kind of boring 😛 and I don’t know what I’m still reading them but I made it this far so I might as well finish the final book.

The Darkest Part of the Forest, At the Waters Edge and Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi

TheDarkestPartoftheForestbyHollyBlackat the waters edgeJourneytoStarWarsTheForceAwakensTheWeaponofaJedibyJasonFry

Brianna: The Darkest Part of the Forest is STILL the most disappointing story ever. It sounded sooooo amazing but it was literally BLAH…

Angelina: I wanted to cry with At the Waters Edge like I did with Water for Elephants. I didn’t T.T And the Weapon of a Jedi is more of a middle school book, I guess.


Sorry for the over use of the word boring and disappointing, but that is what this list is supposed to be, right :O. What is the most boring book you have ever read?


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