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Colony Ep. #6 (Season #1) Review!

OH MY GOSH. Colony is just AMAZING. It keeps getting better and better and I’m not entirely sure how that’s possible but it apparently is so… I LOVE IT!

What We Liked

  • So far, there hasn’t been a single thing we disliked about Colony, and that has remained true. This show really keeps us on our toes… er… edge of our seat 🙂
  • Episode 6 is crazy intense. Previously the show has been more silent, but this episode everything spiked up. Proxy Snyder was being hunted by the Resistance, Katie is apart of the Resistance… Will is basically her enemy and with Proxy Snyder in her grasp, will she let the Resistance kill him? Even if it means threatening her husband? I really like who they’re on different sides of the war, it REALLY makes things more interesting.
  • THIS EPISODE TELLS US MORE ABOUT THE COLONY. We learn a bit more about life outside of this Colony, about Proxy Snyder’s past… about the people inside the Colony… it’s insane.
  • My favorite thing about episode 6 was the hunt for Proxy Snyder obviously. It was entertaining watching everyone try and figure out what their next move was. Snyder IS human (I think? O_O I assume) so it was interesting seeing him be more normal. He is just as scared of death as the rest of us and hey, he was given the position, there is nothing he can do about the hosts and stuff. So yeah XD.


Parent’s Guide

  • In the beginning there was a car crash brought on by gun shots. A man kills a bunch of red hat people by shooting them in the head. Blood splatters are shown.
  • There is a bloody hand on a bloody body.
  • Will gets shot and his arm bleeds a looooot. They show the wound briefly while Katie bandages it
  • There is a lot of gun fire in this episode just so you know… it IS a hunt to kill Proxy Snyder so yeah.


The Resistance takes over twitter *cough cough*

The Resistance is trying to kill Proxy Snyder.

Rating 8/10


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