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Raising Money For Charity Project Info- The Social Donators

Hey everyone 🙂 Happy Saturday! I thought since it was the weekend and all, today would be a good time to introduce a new project I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Now, I am so hoping that this will work out to become a monthly, or every other month, event. Depending on how well this goes! So now that I’m done with my rambly intro here I gooooooo

The Social Donators Project

the social donators

Every month (or so) Angelina and I will be featuring a different charity that will hopefully bring us all together to raise money for a great cause! You can donate any amount you want, but we do have a surprise for all donators :). For every 5 dollars you donate, you can be entered an additional time to win the monthly (or so) PRIZE :D. For example if you donate 25 dollars, you will be entered four times :). But do not fret! Even 1 dollar is EXTREMELY helpful.

The prizes will change each month 🙂 from books to winning things from Etsy (and stuff like gift cards and sooooo on) there will be different prizes.

If any authors, bloggers, publishers, any one is willing to help me put together some giveaway prizes, that would be superb :). BUT I will also be helping with the giveaways too.

Most of the giveaways will probably be hosted on Crowdrise BUT they will all be online.

Here are some Charities we are considering fundraising for:

Give Kids the World

  • Gives children with life threatening illnesses and their families a free vacation.


  • They do soooo many things :O

Alex’s Lemonade Stand 

  • Raises money to help children with cancer.

Reading is Fundamental

  • Helps give books to children in need

I will be doing some serious research on any of the charities we are fundraising for. I’m going to make sure that the majority of the money we will be donating will actually be going to the cause (helping the kids, helping the hospitals, etc).

Any other charities you’d like us to add to the list :)? Let us know.

Any questions? Want to help out? Email us at otakutwinsreviews @ hotmail . com (without spaces) or message us on twitter, facebook, comment, whatever. We are always available 😀 And please help spread the word, that is appreciated!



2 thoughts on “Raising Money For Charity Project Info- The Social Donators

  1. I think this is such a great idea and I applaud you guys for coming up with it! I hope it becomes successful because this extends more than just the bookish community and will do a lot of good for those who will benefit from it. 🙂


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