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Madly Review! (A Book I Am MADLY In LOVE With! No Potion Required :D)


Madly has been on my TBR since I first heard of it a long while ago! I have heard sooooo many mixed things but to put it simply, I am madly in love with Madly!

What I Liked

The story is original! I REALLY want more Wild Hunt stories, even if this one wasn’t too much like the actual myth itself, it was a much cuter idea XD. Madly took the wild Hunt idea, took the idea of love potions and made it adorable, cute and oh so good. Why was it good?

The plot remained interesting. Madly is an adventure that takes us into a magical land. The setting itself is also super interesting to me as well because it is set in the future, a world like ours but not exactly Earth itself. It is fantasy with technology, science fiction fantasy done exactly right! Sam’s adventure into the Wild to collect the ingredients is often times interging. The Wild is not a place to mess with, each ingredient is harder to get than the first. Lives are at stake, people are risking everything for the prize!

The characters were totally adorable. You know, minus the evil, traitors, the baddie and all. Besides THEM, it is impossible NOT to love Sam and her family. Oh, there are a few chapters from the Princesses point of view as well. NOW THOSE CHAPTERS. Let me tell you, those chapters were ALSO SO GOOD. The parts from the Princesses point of things were intense and SO GOOD. I don’t want to spoul them because there are so few, just read it for yourself J

What I Didn’t Like

The romance felt forced to me. You know, minus the Princesses love with herself XD that it kind of forced by magic haha. Anywho, I didn’t feel the romance between Sam and

Zain, their relationship was just kind of there. HE was always there. Always O.O

Sometimes the plot did slow down. It hit like a rift in the story, like a dip in a roller coaster. It did eventually get better though!

In a Nutshell

I SERIOUSLY recommend Madly to anyone who loves a good adventure story J. This book reminded me a bit of Wolf by Wolf, a race to collect ingredients to save a princess. It has all the intrigue and cheating needed to keep the story fast paced and epic. MADLY IS MADLY GOOD!


8 thoughts on “Madly Review! (A Book I Am MADLY In LOVE With! No Potion Required :D)

  1. I really wanted to read this one when it first came out, but then I totally forgot about it. I am so glad I’ve seen your review and it reminded me. I really hope I’d like this book, but I am a little bit afraid because of the romance. For me, romance plays a huge role in the book, and if it feels forced, I’m afraid it would ruin the book for me. Great review!


    1. 😀 well, I hope you like it if you decide to read it ^_^. I really liked it :). And I do see your point, the romance was just meh but it was important… so… hopefully you’ll like it anyways? Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. I’m glad you like this one! The cover is super adorable and it’s been on my tbr for a while! And I didn’t know it talks about the Wild Hunt?? Now I’m more excited to read this book!


    1. It is adorable, the colors are so cute too!! YES the Wild Hunt 😀 it was interesting even if it wasn’t very similar to the actual legend XD it was cool… I hope you like it :D! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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