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Agents of Shield Ep. #12, 13 and 14 (Season #1)

Here is yet another Agents of Shield episode reviews :D. WE ARE ALMOST DONE WITH SEASON 1! YESSSSS.

Episode 12

What We Liked

  • THE ACADEMY! We finally get to see where Simmons and Fitz went to school. It was really nice seeing those two at their school ā¤
  • All of these Marvel references are FANTASTIC, it literally makes me want to go and re watch or re-read all of the Marvel movies/comics. For example, in this episode they mention Bucky from Captain America :). LOVEE IT!
  • All of this character development is making me INCREDIBLY happy, and yes I did need to all caps that word. Coulson has changed, actually, all of his team has changed, a LOT. Re watching the first few episodes, you really notice a different in all of their personalities and relationships.
  • One thing I loved about this episode was the big reveal (ish) about Skye and her past. OH MY GOODNESS, it was GREEEAT, no spoilers :).
  • My favorite part in episode 12 was definitely the scene where Grant told Fitz to go talk to the guy (can’t remember his name :(!) and the girls made fun of Grant saying, “the Tinman has a heart,” poor Grant but awww XD.

(Skye’s impressed :D!)

What We Didn’t Like

  • The ONLY thing really getting on my nerves about season #1 so far, is how they are treating Skye. In almost every previous episode, they treat her like she is worthless, every single one of them except maybe Fitz šŸ˜› . I am LITERALLY tired of everyone treating Skye like she is worthless, also I’M LOOKING AT YOU MAY, stop being a JERK to SKYE *rages*. She is IMPORTAAAANT.

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Angelina and I can sum up episode 11 in one word, MEH. Sadly, episode 11 was more boring that it was interesting, HOWEVER, I did really enjoy the whole ice machine concept, and the ending because THAT ENDING!

Parents Guide (Spoilerish)

  • At the very beginning, a few students jump into a pool that ends up freezing over a guys leg. He is OKAY buuuut that part might freak some people out just saying.
  • ANOTHER guy later on in the episode turns to ice, he is also okay but again, it might freak some people out.
  • As always, there was at least ONE fighting scene.
  • Fitz gets knocked out by a student
  • An angry storm rages ON
  • A character goes into cardiac arrest and dies.


Simmons and Fitz are summoned to The Academy to be guest speakers. Strange things are happening at The Academy, Shield goes in to investigate a case that might leave them all cold.

Episode 13

What We Liked

-Brianna and I had our friends over and we all watched this episode together, which was pretty fun. We got them hooked on the show so they’re going to watch season #3 (YAYYYY *throws Confetti*)

-This episode was so trippy, what was happening? There were flashbacks, time manipulation stuff and questionable things happening. It was kind of confusing but there were some great moments. Before things get real, the agents have their own life stories made up to stay disguised. Simmons really gets into her backstory, which was pretty funny AND Fitz was really enjoying his role on pretending to by Skyes boyfriend. He even uses an English voice, which sounds so different! I LOVE FITZ *cries forever* he’s so adorable. Anyways, it was adorable to watch him get so excited. Fitz!!!!!

(I know this is from a previous episode but I couldn’t find many other good gifs and I was scared of spoilers…)

-*Mini spoilers* when half the agents get left behind on the train full of their enemies. It’s up to Grant and Coulson to get them to safety, so what do they do? They try to get the holographic table to work, to no success. They struggle with it for a few moments before deciding to do things old school, that was funny. *End mini spoilers.*

-THE ENDING WAS HEARTBREAKING. We really get to see how much Coulson really loved Skye (I view him as like a father figure for him, so it was even more traumatic).

Fable’s Final Thoughts

-This episode of Agents of Shield was good, a bit confusing but funny at the same time. There were some really heartbreaking moments, we can’t wait to watch episode 14!

Parents Guide (From Worried Teens)

-There’s some blood shown in this episode, and an important gets shot, the gun wound is shown and there’s blood there too.


-In the middle of a mission, Shield gets sold out and half their team is stuck on a hostile train while the other half tries to save them.

Episode 14

What We Liked

-It seems like every episode Brianna and I have a new idea as to who the Clairvoyant is. It’s this guy because of this, or that girl because of that. I just hope our ideas aren’t shot down for a silly reason, I hope it lives up to our expectations and that it’s shocking.

-The opening scene was SO SAD. The doctor came out and told them about Skye, it broke my heart so much. SKYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….

Fable’s Final Thoughts

-This episode of Agents of Shield, we didn’t write down a lot of thoughts. I think we were pretty focused on what was happening.

Parents Guide

-There’s surgery in this episode, it’s king of gross and there’s some blood. Some parts of this episode may be intense for some viewers.

-There’s one swear word.


-The Agents of Shield try their best to save Skye and Coulson comes clean as to what he now knows Tahiti to be.

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