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Shannara Chronicles Ep.2 (Season #1) Review

I couldn’t wait for this series to come out on DVD, I don’t think that there’s any show out there like the Shannara Chronicles. It gets me so excited BECAUSE it’s a fantasy series, and I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a fantasy TV show before (besides Game of Thrones, but I haven’t watched it so…). My lovely sister and I bought the show on our computer so we can keep up to date on this fantasy series 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up! But here we go…

What We Liked

-ALLANON’S VOICE, OH HOW I’VE MISSED IT! *Twirls* In all seriousness, the characters. Brianna thinks Prince Ander (the younger elf prince, I think) has pretty eyes, we feel bad for Eretria, Amberle’s a tough/smart cookie and Allanon has great magical abilities I wish he’d use more often. But magic does come at a price *sigh*… We just don’t really like Wil. He has good intentions but does some really stupid stuff. I really hope his character learns, or grows into becoming better and less gullible…I’m sorry if that sounds harsh…

-The visual’s are so beautiful. The opening credits are stunning! I LOVE them so much, they’re vibrant and beautiful.


-Their outfits, I know I probably say that about every show, but I LOVE their outfits. I’m not a stylish person but they are very, very stylish. I wonder how they have so much time to dress like that? Aren’t they running around saving the world? Eh. Whatever.

-Wil’s faces xD Wil isn’t my favorite character, but sometimes his expressions are hilarious…


Like, if you don’t know what’s happening here, this could be funny. “WATCH OUT AMBERLE, IT’S A BUG!”

What We Didn’t Like

-Gore. I AM NOT A FAN OF IT! However, there is some, but it’s not dwelt on, it’s there then *poof* it’s gone.

Fables Final Thoughts

-It’s great to be back here with the Shannara Chronicles. I love this magical TV show because there really isn’t any other show out there like this. Nothing this magical, nothing in a different (well kind of) world, nothing this epic. So, I’m happy to be back, even if Wil is still acting ridiculous.

Rating 8/10

Episode Summary

-Wil and Amberle give themselves a mission to save Allanon from a wound. They end up kidnapped by Eretria and are taken to the Rovers. Several more things go down, they end up back with Allanon and find a new character, named Bandit. Amberle feels bad for him, so she decides to take him to Arborlon with them. Is this a good idea? We’ll find out, now won’t we?

Parents Guide (Written by Worried Teens…)

-In the first few minutes a monster gets its arm chopped off than its head. This was a bit graphic, during this, Brianna and I were watching through our fingers.

-This episode was pretty bloody, but like I said about it’s not dwelt upon. Allanon laid in blood (because he was wounded) and his wound is shown. There’s a bloody/burnt hand, dead sheep/animals (which are bloody), hanging bodies and a bloody vision.

-There’s minimal swearing.

-Just a mini side note, the Demons in this TV show are pretty scary, so be cautioned.



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