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Agents of Shield Ep. #8, #9, #10, and #11 (Season #1)

So… since Brianna and I are going to watch two full seasons of Agents of Shield we decide to combine some of the episode reviews together so we don’t really spam (that much) with these reviews 🙂



Episode #8

What We Liked

-In episode 8, we took very VERY vague notes. So vague that I wasn’t sure what we were talking about UNTIL I talked to Brianna about it, slowly the episode came back clearer in my memory. One of our favorite things about this episode was the Asgardian nature. You know who else is Asgardian? Thor!

(Well…Thor and Loki but my favorite is Captain America. He rocks guys, he really does!)

*Ahem* Back on topic *SPOILER* [spoiler]they talk about this alien guy who came with the staff to Earth to fight. But he fell in love with Earth so much that he couldn’t bare to leave it, so, he stayed and broke his staff of evil into three parts so no one could combine it again. We all know how this works out, like why didn’t he throw a piece into the ocean or something? Anyways, it was a nice story 🙂 [/spoiler] *End Spoiler*

-Another super exciting but super sad moment happened in this episode, we learn about Grant Wards past. I didn’t even know he had a tragic past, they might have mentioned it in a previous episode since Skye knew, but it was pretty tragic. Yet, they didn’t reveal all of his past, so I’m expecting there’s something more to that scene than we may know. I’m hoping they have an episode which elaborates on this serious dudes past. I also want an episode for Coulson and Agent May, but I think there’s an episode for them in the future? I’m not sure, I may or may not have seen a spoiler…

Fables Final Thoughts

-Episode 8 of Agents of Shield was pretty good. We got to learn more about Grant Ward, it was still humorous like the previous episodes and there was a staff from Asgard 🙂

Parents Guide (From the Worried Teens) Be Warned of Mini Spoilers…

-There is minimal swearing 🙂

-One guy was slammed into a tree.

-A few cars flipped around.

-Two people were stabbed in the chest, one was graphic, the other wasn’t.

-There was a scene with a drowning child, which may be disturbing to some.

-There’s also a graphicish scene where someone shoves their hand into a chest wound to keep the person alive, there’s blood visible.


-The group of agents get a call to inspect something of alien nature which just so happens to be a staff another evil group is looking for. The staff brings out the darkness that lies within people when they touch it, can the group survive this? Or will it tear them apart?

Rating 6/10


Episode #9

What We Liked

-There were a few things I liked about this episode. One of them was the pranking. Fitz got sooooo into it, he was hilarious and I love him will all my heart. I would add a gif here, but I don’t want to be spoiled. He’s such a nice, funny, smart guy and I always get so nervous for him.

-I wanted to add this as my second point because I think it’s the most important and I wanted to address it. Be warned that this point MAY CONTAIN MINI SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Ok, so the girl who may or may not have telepathic powers believe she’s being punished by God, because she’s a Christian who’s scared. Skye has a moment with her, and the girl asks if she believes in God. Skye says she doesn’t but she says that she believes the girl isn’t being punished because the one thing that always stuck around with her from Christianity was that God was love, not hate. And this is why I love Skye, she’s honest but nice at the same time, she really seems to care. I feel like the agents under appreciate her, other than Coulson of course.

-This episode was one of the first SUPER intense episodes that reminded me of Halloween. The whole episode seemed like it was made for a Halloween showing, I think it was because it was creeepppy…and kind of sad. But it was unexplained, I wished they elaborated on it more.

What We Didn’t Like

-What happened in this episode went unexplained in the end. Maybe things like this can’t always be explained, or maybe they’re going to later on in the series, but I wished there was an answer. Still, the episode was good.

-This new relationship that pops up, I HATE IT. MINI SPOILERS BUT IM GONNA SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! Agent May looks wayyyy older than Grant. Their relationship I hate because it just doesn’t work in my mind. Why? WHY?

Fables Final Thoughts

-This episode of Agents of Shield was Halloween creepy but pretty good at the same time. There were funny moments and heartfelt times that just touched my sister and I. We just wished more things were explained and certain relationships felt forced (and stupid, I mean come on Grant and SKYE GRANT AND SKYE. OR AT LEAST SKYE AND FITZ PLEASE? PLEASE!)


-Shenanigans begin between the agents, Fitz and Simmons believe Skye needs to be pranked, it’s only fair. As this is happening the team is called to investigate a potentially telepathic girl. Does she really have telepathy, or is there something more at play? Also…where is Professor X when we need him? Oh, that’s right he’s probably dealing with Erik. He’s so troublesome…they’re like on again off again friends…


(Uh…nothing *hides*)

Rating 8/10




Episode #10

What We Liked

-Finally we get a continuation from a previous episode! Centipede is back (not that I’m happy about it xD).

-Skye searches for her mother and it makes me wonder just who she is. Why is there nothing about her? The questions are intriguing and I hope that we find suggestible answers.

-I love how the girls in this series are tough fighters. May is so strong and Skye’s too. Simmons is super smart and I admire her for that as well 🙂 Fitz is adorable too, he gets jealous so easily. I love him so much.

What We Didn’t Like

-Sometimes what the characters say is predicable/cliche. But, maybe it’s just Brianna and I.

-One of the things I DON’T like about this series, is how mean they are to Skye. She’s proven she’s worthy, so why is everyone so mean to her? Why doesn’t she ever get complimented?

Fables Final Thoughts

-An old organization is brought back from a previous episode, so perhaps we’ll get more answers. We want to know why everyone is so mean to Skye and if Rena owns any other pattered outfits or does she just own flower dresses?

Parents Guide (From the Worried Teens)

-A guy gets stabbed, but it’s not graphic.

-There are explosions!


-The group known as Centipede pops up again (finally, will we get answers?) Shield comes in to investigate with Mike Peterson (from a previous episode of the series) and Skye continues to search for her parents. Will she find answers?

Rating 7/10

Episode #11

What We Liked

  • We finally get to see The Academy, it has only been brought up by Fitz and Simmons like a billion times already XD. THANK GOODNESS they actually bring it in. Fitz and Simmons are totally my favorite character, ok, I love them all (but Grant -_- he is prickly, so is MAY *sigh*). But now we have a place to put with the name, and man oh man, Fitz and Simmons were definitely the stars of this episode :). We even get to hear a bit more on what Fitz was like when he was a student at The Academy.
  • I love how Marvel keeps adding all of these Marvel references. I mean, yes, it IS made by Marvel but for goodness sake BUCKY was mentioned :D. I love Captain America so BUCKY!
  • The mystery in this episode was great, even if it was pretty predictable.
  • One thing I really enjoyed about this episode was May and Coulson. They were off on a separate, secret ish mission that leads us to more ANSWERS when it comes to Skye’s past. Thank goodness. I LOVE Skye :D. We get some shocking news in this episode… wait for it… watch it… love it… 🙂

What We Didn’t Like

  • My NUMBER ONE complaint with this show so far, is how they treat Skye! Oh my gosh, she matters, she is IMPORTANT to the team. How many times has she proven herself? REALLY GUYS? I am sick and tired of everyone treating her as worthless *sigh*
  • This episode was kind of boring. While the mystery aspect was cool, it didn’t hold our interest…

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Episode 11 was… boring, more or less. While the ending was ENTIRELY shocking and I CANNOT wait to see where this show is heading, the rest of the episode didn’t live up to the previous ones :/… but it was nice to see Fitz and Simmons at The Academy 😀

Parent’s Guide (has spoilers (ish))

  • In the very beginning, a few students jump into a pool and a guy gets his leg frozen by a freak ice incident. He is ok but it might freak some people out.
  • ANOTHER guy turns to ice later on, again he also recovers 😛
  • As always, Agents of Shield episode 11 has at least one fight scene XD
  • THERE IS AN ICE STORM *GASP* hail and stuff.
  • IN THE ENDING (spoilers) a guy goes into cardiac arrest and dies.


Fitz and Simmons are summoned to The Academy to speak to the student body there in order to both find out who has been playing dangerous pranks on students and to give a motivational speech 😛

Rating 6/10


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