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Colony Ep.#5 (Season #1) Review

Well…Brianna and I STILL haven’t seen episode 3 of Colony but we have watched episode 5!!! Boy, oh boy, was this episode cray-cray, we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week. I was going to finish writing this review yesterday, but I got so distracted with the Colony website. There’s a game!! A GAME! You can chose to collaborate, resist or be a double agent, I was having fun with it. Anyways, if you want to check the game out click here.

What We Liked

-The show really seems to be picking up pace in comparison to previous episodes. There were quite few intense, oh my gosh moments. The preview of the next episode makes it look even more crazy. Dangerous things are going to happen, can anyone stay safe?

-Finally we get to see life outside of the walls and it’s crazy. All the broken down city buildings and the lack of people, makes you wonder what exactly happened. I hope they talk more about it in future episodes or even have an episode dedicated to it. I want to see what’s outside of the walls, is it really just as abandoned as the people are led to believe? And…everyone wants coffee…

-The last few episodes in Colony were CRAZY and so INTENSE. You’re lead to (suspiciously) believe in one thing, but it’s thrown in the other direction.

Fables Final Thoughts

-There’s still so many questions in Colony, questions we hope get answered. But, in the mean time, the show is getting crazier as each episode passes. The last few moments were truly intense and it looked like things will never be safe inside those walls again.


-Phillis is dead and it’s up to Will to find out who killed her. Meanwhile, his son is up to some shady stuff, and Will begins to suspect that his wife isn’t the woman she seems to be.

Rating 9/10

Parents Guide

-5 swear words (oh my gosh it’s picking up!).

-There’s a bloody pillow from a death.

-A character is hung, and it’s disturbing but not graphic.


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