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The 100 Ep. #3 (Season #3) Review

Group Review of The 100 season three, episode three

Fable’s Library (Angelina and Brianna) joined up with The Bookmato Chronicles (Wren) in writing a group review of The 100’s season three, episode three.

The 100 airs on Wednesday on The CW at 9/8C.

Note: Commentary is written in bold. But, honestly, this is all commentary.

Beware the sass. And randomness.

You’ve been warned.



Wren: Or else you might sue us for being too random. Wait…can that be done? Gonna Google that now.

Plot Summary:

A lot of political shenanigans goes down in this episode. There is a summit (that is supposedly a trap. Because all good things have to end some day.) And, therefore, the sky people (trying to spell their Grounder name is uber-hard, and nobody got time for dat) want to bomb the bazooka out of the Grounders. Because bombing is the natural reaction for anything. ANYTHING. (Anyone reminded of WWII here? Because Wren totally is.)

And an assassin appears! (All good shows have at least one assassin who threatens the lives of everyone.)

A proposition is made to the sky people. “Join us Grounders or die. Teehee.” (Wren is, of course, paraphrasing here.)

An explosion rips through the land, and people die. (Obviously.)


We see more of Clarke and Lexa’s banter. (Though we don’t particularly think it’s great.) And Lexa is being an arse, per usual.

Twins: I feel like their relationship is too forced.

Wren: They really are pushed together. Puhlease. And Lexa…just…stop. I really hate your “I hate you but love you.” Because make up your mind. -rolls eyes- She takes “You’re hot then you’re cold” to another level.

And we are finally introduced to Bellamy’s mysterious lover. And she’s named Gena. And apparently good with technology? (Though, we doubt that.)

We still ship Bellarke, though.


Twins: BELLAMY is miinneeee.

Wren: Uh…you can have him. I’m sticking with Victor Vale and Yato and Romanno. Have fun with abs boy.

The twins wonder what happened to Raven’s lover. Because he was actually a really cool guy. Come on, disappearing men don’t happen every day! Or…do they? Hm…food for thought.

Twins: What happened to the blond guy Raven liked?

Wren: He’s on a different show now.

Twins: Oh…

Octavia and Bellamy have a bonding moment. Where they are totally adorable and brother and sister-y. So cute.

Wren: Since I don’t have a sibling, this is adorable. SO ADORABLE. -rolls around in sparkles- We all want Bellamy as an older brother.

Twins: -wink wink-

Wren: -facepalms-

Yet again, Octavia proves her worth. She can ride horses and fight. Like…seriously fight.

Twins: She doesn’t need no man!

Wren: -facepalms- ‘Doesn’t need no man’? GRAMMAR. -glomps- But really. She doesn’t need anyone. Not even Lincoln. She just allows him to tag along.

Twins: But she needs him! She likes him!

Wren: Shush. She’s an independent woman.

And Marcus Kane comes in and throws down the Button Game. Because we all want to be branded. Yeah, right.

Wren: It’s like…you don’t know where that brand has been, bro. No way. Ain’t letting that go near my arm. Nuh-uh. Also, Abby is smart for letting Marcus take it. Even if that kinda means she’s submitting to his power. Hahaha…

Twins: I’m just glad Thelonious does NOT HAVE control over people…yet…I think Thelonious is up to something pretty bad, I think that AI girl is going to convince him to destroy the living world. Why? Because Thelonious hasn’t recovered from his lack of oxygen way back then. The isolation has gone to his head, has forever altered the Once good guy. TO THINK I USED TO LIKE HIM.

The Ice Prince (haha) is introduced. And he’s not anything special. Because ew.

Twins: IF THAT ICE PRINCE GUY IS A LOVE INTEREST FOR CLARKE, I feel like he’s too old for her. Maybe that’s just me xP

Wren: He’s too ick for me. No way. Plus, he’s having too much fun at the summit. Is he on ‘shrooms?

And in comes the assassin! Because all shows need assassins who massacre everyone. Because massacring is fun.

Wren: And who the frig is that dude? He’s going all Assassin’s Creed on his victims.

Twins: They’re all lucky they know how to fight hand to hand combat. Where did that bomb come from? I thought they were trying to save Lincoln’s buddy…

Wren: Where else do bombs come from? 😉

At the end of the episode, we (finally) meet Queen Elsa-I mean the Ice Queen!

Twins: She doesn’t look like Elsa…

And the twins wonder about something that’s obviously on everyone’s mind.

Twins: Will Peace ever last OR can’t they ever be friends? No?…no?

Wren: If they had peace, there wouldn’t be a plot. Heh heh

The twins wonder if this season has too many plot holes.

Twins: I feel like I’m missing something. What happened to Lincoln’s friend? Didn’t they go mount weather to save him? He died. Where’s this bomb come from? It’s a self destruct. And Mt Weather has missiles too. Not sure why they had a self destruct, though. When did the people get in Mt weather (maybe because we missed episode 1) Uh…no clue. ANNNNND when did Bellamy get out of his disguise?

Wren: You ask too much.


Twins: I love how the world looks, it’s so well done for an apocalyptic? World 🙂 *bravo* I’d love to see how they do it, seriously it’s cool! So pretty 💖💖💖

Twins: But even though it’s in nature, there isn’t a lot of animals, mutated or not.

Wren: You just missed all the animals. Need I remind you of the two-headed deer?

Twins: love their outfits, I’m jelly. How do they have so much time to change every day?

Wren: It’s called rip-away clothing. Strippers use it. Teehee.

Wren: The clans are a totally cool idea. But I wants mooorreee.

Parents Guide (From Not Parents, But Worried Teens):

-Guy gets pushed off a ledge

-There’s blood on a dead guy’s neck

-Some guy cuts his palm, and there’s some blood

-Marcus is branded to show his allegiance

-A guy’s throat is slit

-Gina’s stabbed

-Mysterious guy gets shot in the chest

-Place full of people explodes


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