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Colony Ep.#4 (Season #1) Review

HAPPY TUESDAY *insert dramatic soundtrack here*! Today is the infamous Tired Tuesday zzzzz… Why not stay home today and put on some fuzzy pjs and watch episode 4 of Colony :D? Or Colony in general because it is fantastic!

What We Liked

  • Colony is STILL leading us on, giving us SOOOOOOO many questions. I feel like we have been given more questions than answers so far, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I kind of like all the questions, while it is a bit irritating, I am INCREDIBLY interested in Colony’s world. Who are the Hosts? What is up with the red hats (don’t know their names :O)? WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EPISODE 5 BECAUSE THE ENDING OF EPISODE 4 MADE ME GASP. OUT. LOUD! So the short: I think all of these questions are a good thing, Angelina says if we don’t get any answers, she is done XD
  • The acting in Colony is INCREDIBLE. The cast fill there rolls so well, and I am not even joking.
  • Episode 4 was intense, right off the bat the Red Hat guys (still don’t know what they’re called!) display just how much the world inside of the walls, Colony’s world, is totally different. the beginning is a bit brutal, but it also hooked me, it was scary and shocking and I REALLY wanted to know more about what the heck is going on in this show…
  • Katie and Will both. I am in LOVE with how the show switches points of views to BOTH sides of the same coin. Both Will and Katie think they are doing what is right for their children and their neighborhood, but both of them are fighting for TOTALLY different causes. It is really interesting watching them sneak around each other’s backs, I have a feeling all of the lies and deceits on Katie’s side will EXPLODE in their faces by the end of season 1…

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Colony is really heating up, and the questions keep rolling in. What will happen to Katie now after episode 4s conclusion? We will DEFINITELY be watching episode 5.

Parent’s Guide (Spoiler Free. Safe to Read)

  • Episode 4, and Colony so far in general, hasn’t been very bad when it comes to violence, language and so on. Episode 4 had an intense scene in the beginning where the Red Hats arrest someone. They beat down a few people, it was CRAZY and brutal, it showed how awful those working for the Hosts are.
  • Later on in the episode Homeland Security (the guys Will works for) hunts down one of their enemies at a barn ish place kind of, there is blood on the ground, it isn’t too much blood but I thought I should note that.
  • There are a few swear words.
  • Even later in the episode, Will and his team hunt down ANOTHER enemy of Homeland Security (man these guys have loads of enemies) nothing much happens in this scene, just a bunch of guys holding guns roaming the library. It might be intense for some viewers.


Katie and Will’s house is set on fire by the rebel forces, Katie is taken in for questioning so that Homeland Security can find the bad guy. Their son is found with tapes of Geronimo’s speeches, the enemy of Homeland Security and The Hosts. With new information on Geronimo, will they catch the rebels?

Rating 8/10


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