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Agents of Shield Ep.#3 (Season #1) Review

Episode 3 of Agents of Shield Season 1, in which things get twisty (HA! Pun!)

Summary from IMDb

What We Liked

  • Angelina and I are kind of in love with how scientific this show sounds, although we aren’t sure how much of it is actually true, this IS a science fiction super hero kind of show XD. Episode 3 welcomes in a new device, now to put is as spoiler free as I can MANAGE, the ending is insane.
  • The special effects in Agents of Shield do NOT disappoint. The visual effects aren’t cheesy, they look realistic and magical (science fictiony) and that is one of our favorite things about this show :). Marvel never lets us down!
  • These characters are so smart it is really admirable, I think today that a lot of main characters in tv shows aren’t super intelligent not to sound rude. It’s nice to see main characters who ARE smart and think things through, we need more of this… đŸ™‚

What We Didn’t Like

  • The reason that this review is so short, is because we found it to be a bit.. boring. It wasn’t as action packed as the previous two episodes and the overall feel of this episode was bland. Yes there was a new villain, a new alien/crazy/odd device and all that, but it just felt “meh” when compared to the other episodes thus far đŸ˜›

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Episode 3 of Agents of Shield was alright, it did manage to leave us with MORE questions in the end, we aren’t sure if all of the questions are helping or hurting our opinion of the show. Will Agents of Shield have a story instead of a resolution (of sorts) at the end of every episode? We shall see.

Parent’s Guide

-A few people swear (4 times to be exact!)

-Cars are thrown around (may be intense for some people.)

-There’s minimal amount of blood shown in one scene.

-There’s another intense scene where Skye is held by the throat with a gun pointed at her.


Skye gets invited to party where she’s offered a new job (while on a mission with Shield.) Meanwhile there’s trouble with a gravity machine and friends become enemies.

Rating: 6/10


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