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Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) Review! (All the Cuteness. ALL the Feels. WHY Didn’t I Read This SOONER?!)


Ahhhhh. I don’t know what took me so long to finally finish Cress but dear goodness me it was fantastic. I am a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles, so I cannot believe it is over :/. I mean almost over for me since I STILL need to read Winter but you get what I mean… also I need to read Thorne’s Novella, I love that guy. Anywho, this is the THIRD book in The Lunar Chronicles, you can read my other reviews here:

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) Review I DON’T HAVE ONE O_O?! I read Cinder before we had a blog :(.

Beware of spoilers. This is the third book so it might have spoilers :/

  • If you read my Scarlet review than you know I was madly in love with Scarlet and Wolf’s cute relationship. Scarlet is my favorite book of the Lunar Chronicles still, I just loved it okay? Now that I finished Cress, I have a new favorite pair. Cress and Thorne are 100000000% adorable, I can’t even comprehend it. They. Are. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I loved Throne’s arrogant charming personality and Cress’s sweet one :). They are perfect. Thank you Marissa Meyer for so many adorable characters.
  • Cress was sweet. It was intense and shocking at parts, it was better than I imagined which is fantastic. I didn’t think The Lunar Chroicles could get any better honestly!!
  • I still love Marrisa Meyer’s writing. So GREAT! I am a huge fan of 3rd person so, this is perfect!
  • I STILL love the rotating POVs. Almost everyone ( I think it was everyone?!) got a chapter in this book, it helps make the story even more interesting.
  • WINTER. Oh my gosh WINTER. She was sooooo different from what I’m expecting and oh my gosh I can’t wait to see/read her story now ❤ ❤ <3. I’m excited 😀
  • Also I just want to say I love how it is science fiction Disney princesses :3. Like yes. So yes. Definitely Yes.

I am in LOVE with Cress. The Lunar Chronicles is even better, and the final book is going to be fantastic (although I’m sad it is almost over :(!)

7 thoughts on “Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) Review! (All the Cuteness. ALL the Feels. WHY Didn’t I Read This SOONER?!)

  1. I just finished Winter and OMG!!! I LOVED this series!! I was never really interested in it but because so many people were talking about it, I figured why not! LOL! and I was hooked from the first book!! (I’m on the wait list at the library for the final book that just came out! I’m really looking forward to this too!)


    1. AH! I NEED TO READ WINTER *flails*!!! It is a great series, very enjoyable :). Glad you loved it too, now we can fan over it together XD!! Hope you enjoy Stars Above :D! Thank you for stopping by!


  2. I LOVED IT SO MUCH TOO! *flails* Although Wolf/Scarlet remain my ultimate favourites because ajfkdlsad they are just too adorable for words. :’) And I really love 3rd person too *hi fives* and seriously don’t read enough books written that way. So Marissa Meyer is clearly the QUEEN. ❤

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. YES! CRESSSSSS! But I still totally adore Wolf and Scarlet, let’s be real here, they are 100% adorable! They made me cry multiple times from their cuteness, honest! YAY for third person 🙂 I know soooo many people who really don’t enjoy third person *sigh* glad I am not alone. SHE IS A QUEEN :D!! Thank you for stopping by!!!


    1. Oh my gosh I hope you love those two :)!! I still need to read them both, to be honest I’m procrastinating because I DONT WANT IT TO BE OVER XD!But again, I hope you enjoy them, Winter is great so far! Have a great day 😀


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