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Sleepy Hollow Ep. #1 (Season #1) Review

Round two (or three or four) of trying to watch Sleepy Hollow. Here is how it went down.

Summary from IMDb

Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers.

What We Liked

Is it possible to NOT like the cast of Sleepy Hollow? Honestly, I am head over heels in love with Ichabod and Abbie I think I ship them but we only watched episode 1 and then like a minute of episode 2.  The actors are fantastic 🙂 from what I know XD. Anyways, they are great characters. Tom Minson (Ichabod) does a GREAT job of playing the role of a character from the past, and Nicole Beharie (Abbie) is a strong female lead to adore :).

The opening to episode 1 stars with a flashback to Ichabod’s time. It is entirely intense and the way it’s filmed, the color, the sounds, it’s also entirely perfect for hooking you onto the episode.

This might sound weird but Sleepy Hollow is kind of funny. Ichabod’s reactions to our modern world are kind of adorable XD. The Starbucks joke in episode one is LOVEABLE.

Angelina and I REALLY liked the flashbacks and mysterious aura the episode left us with. The flashbacks are like mini hints of what is to come and the way its done is just PERFECT ASDFGHJKL.

What We Didn’t Like

The violence. My goodness this first episode was violent. See our parent’s guide for more information :P. The beginning of episode two was enough to make Angelina and I drop Sleepy Hollow for good.

Fable’s Final Thoughts

Sleepy Hollow probably isn’t for the faint of heart, which is what Angelina and I are. If you can stand seeing lots of beheading then BOOM watch this. If you like dark mysteries and great characters, BOOM watch this. It is safe to say that Angelina and I will NOT be finishing this series, even though it makes me sad to say that. I hear good things 😦 but this is not the kind of thing we feel comfortable watching.

Summary (Contains Spoilers but keep in mind, this is episode one XD)

Ichabod faces an enemy on the other side of the war, after beheading the man they both die. Flash forward to the present and Ichabod finds himself in our time, and the enemy he fought all those years ago is alive. Why did he wake up from death? Why is the headless horsemen running around killing people?

Parent’s Guide (spoilers ahead also!)

Episode one is violent, the beginning of episode 2 was just disturbing. Here is a list of all the violence in this first episode alone.

Episode one

  • In the beginning Ichabod fights in a war, gunshots can be heard and seen. He fights his enemy with an ax and cuts his head off. They both die.
  • Four people get decapitated in this episode. You can see their heads on the ground sometimes, the blood on their neck is also briefly shown (EW)
  • There are some blood splatters.
  • Abbie bites this guys thumb, a lot of blood swells up from the bite mark.

Episode two

  • In the beginning of episode two, this guy gets his neck snapped back. We stopped watching the show at that moment. So there may be more…




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