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Our Adventures at a Macklemore Concert aka. Another Beautiful Artist :)

So, all the way back in October Brianna and I won Macklemore tickets (from 98.7 AMP Radio, thanks so much!) When I won I did a happy dance and Fable looked at me weird, but I think she’s used to our weirdness by now. Anyways, this week we finally got to go and it was so much fun.

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He sounds great live and seemed like such a nice, wonderful person. He kept talking about positive messages and overcoming hardships. I always appreciate when artists use their voices to help others, why wouldn’t they? So, hearing Macklemore talk about his daughter and how he wants her to live in a world where she can chose who she loves was nice. And hearing him talk about his hardships with drugs and becoming sober, was also a great thing to hear. Basically he’s saying if he can overcome it, so can you. And I LOVE that he spread those messages and that he finds it okay to talk about these things with his audiences. I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s so popular. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis aren’t afraid to talk about todays topics, to sing about it and to spread important messages. Also, he kept making jokes which is always appreciated.

Another nice thing about the concert was that Brianna and I kept seeing families there. It’s nice to have an all age concert where everyone is welcome and you don’t really have to worry about what will happen. Most of the concerts we have been to have had age restrictions, so it was a nice change.

I swear when he played Downtown the theater got so loud that my ears were going to burst. I never head a place so loud in my life, everyone was full of energy AND I swear the whole crowd was singing along. That uplifting mood and unity through the crowd is truly beautiful.


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