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Agents of Shield Ep. #2 (Season #1) Review!

Happy Saturday! Angelina and I are continuing with our trend of Agents of Shield Review (hopefully we will catch up by season 3s return in March but we shall see how that goes XD). Today we share our thoughts on episode 2 of season 1!

Summary from IMDb

What We Liked

  • It is SO easy to geek out a bit while watching Agents of Shield… then again, Angelina and I LOVE Marvel (Marvel over DC XD sorry guys) so the mentions and references to the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel Universe makes Agents of Shield even more fun to watch. Oh and Fitz, Fitz and Simmons are adorable and hilarious and ASFGHJKL, they are incredibly loveable characters :).
  • The main characters, as mentioned above, are 100% the best. The BEST. They are a mixture of different personalities, Grant and May are tough rule followers, Skye is a dorky computer whiz and Fitz and Simmons are… Fitz and Simmons. Like I said, we kind of love them all, for reals guys, they are great characters XD.
  • This episode was a bit plot twisty, not going to say how buuuut watch it and you will find out. While we think the show is a bit predictable, it is still fun to see these things happen. Another action packed fighting episode of Agents of Shield :).
  • One of my favorite scenes in this episode deals with Fury, YES that Fury, the one from The Avengers!

Fable’s Final Thoughts

While Agents of Shield is STILL making us ask questions (what is May’s past? What is The Rising Tide up to?) the show is off to a fantastic start. Angelina and I are 100% sure that fans of the Marvel Universe or super hero shows in general will fall in love with Agents of Shield!

Parent’s Guide (Spoilers Below (sorry))

  • Like episode 1, episode 2 has a few fighting scenes. While investigating an alien device in Peru, the team gets attacked. There are gun fighting scenes, and a character gets blown away by a shield device.
  • There are two swear words in this episode.
  • Minimal blood
  • A fight scene on the plane ends up with a few characters sucked out of a hole in the side of the plane.


The Shield team is sent to Peru to investigate a call Coulson received at the end of episode 1. While in Peru, Coulson meets up with an old friend while his team investigates a strange alien device.

Rating 7/10



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