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An Inheritance of Ashes Review! (WOWZAS = This Book NEEDS More Love!)


I am going to be totally honest here… I wanted to read this book because of the BEAUTIFUL cover XD. Look at the colors, the Raven or black bird fading to dust and that FONT. OH MY GOODNESS DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED XD.

Trigger Warning (maybe?): Domestic Abuse.

Hallie and Marthe’s father was abusive, it didn’t ever go into detail, and there wasn’t a scene were they were abused but it is mentioned.

What I Liked

The Characters.

A looooooooooot of reviews I have seen for An Inheritance of Ashes, they didn’t like the main character at all. I really did like her though, she was cold and acted distant when it came to friendship and romantic relationships but you know what, that made her unique to me. I also liked her relationship with her sister, they were distant and I haven’t read too many books with a relationship like theirs. It made me sad though. A different thing I really enjoyed was the romance. It wasn’t sudden and it wasn’t a huge part of the story. The majority of the books I read are totally romance driven but A Inheritance of Ashes isn’t. There WAS romance it just wasn’t a huge factor for the story :).

The Story

This has to be one of the most unique stories I ever read! This is a fantasy that seems to be set in our world, if I were to guess, I’d say that it is set a bit in the past but I’m not too sure. The Twisted Things are a great idea, it gave me chills! They were interesting monsters, a cool new concept if you ask me.

The feeling of the story.

I know this sounds weird :P. I loved this book mostly because of the feel it had while reading it. The feeling was dusty and shadowy, it was eerie and magical and odd. It was a great feeling so, LOVED IT.

The writing.

The writing in An Inheritance of Ashes was so well done! It did creepy me out, it didn’t scare me but the creepy vibe was definitely there. The story was told so well, the writing was haunting and descriptive.

What I Didn’t Like     

Some questions were never answered.

Why did the Twisted Things come? How did the worlds collide? Why do they burn? I REALLY was hoping for some answers that explained the Twisted Things but we didn’t get that :’/ other than that, I really did enjoy An Inheritance of Ashes!

In A Nutshell

A Inheritance of Ashes is definitely an underrated book. If you ask me, it deserves more love, definitely more love. If you like a different kind of fantasy, read this!


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