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Agents of Shield Ep. #1 (Season #1) Review

We’re finally getting around to watch this show, and thank goodness we started!

Main show summary, from IMBD 🙂

After the Battle of New York, the world has changed. It now knows not only about the Avengers, but also the powerful menaces that require those superheroes and more to face them. In response, Phil Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division assembles an elite covert team to find and deal with these threats wherever they are found. With a world rapidly becoming more bizarre and dangerous than ever before as the supervillains arise, these agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are ready to take them on.

What We Liked

-The opening. I LOVED the first few lines and the flicker of images and videos. I think it was a great start to a very promising show.

-There was humor which I always appreciate about Marvel. I like how they don’t make everything SO serious, I love how they try to add jokes and lighten the mood. Not everything has to be death and violence.

-The characters, I LOVED them all so much, which is a first. Usually there’s a character I don’t like in the first episode, but maybe I’ll find one in episode two xD. They were funny, some had accents, some were serious. Skye, one of the main female characters reminded me a lot of Tori’s sister from Victorious (not sure if anyone knows her, but they look and (kind of) act alike). But really it’s nice to find some great characters I already like, I just hope it doesn’t change T.T

-There’s so many questions. TOOO MANY QUESTIONS! If Project Runway Jr. wasn’t on right now, I’d watch the second episode right now! Who’s the bad guy? Who created this Centipede product? Who’s this doctor working for? What’s going on? WHHHAAATTTTT?

-Another great part of Agents of Shield was the visual effects. I think a lot of TV shows don’t have great effects, maybe I don’t watch enough of them, but I thought Agents of Shield did a great job. Even with the first episode, I hope they continue to do that good in future episodes.

What We Didn’t Like

-I didn’t have a complaint with the first episode. Brianna, however, thought it was a bit cliche. There was a helicopter escape, I mean come on, that’s so typical. She also thinks the acting is okay and that it switches point of view too often. Maybe her opinion will change? I guess we’ll find out.

In A Nutshell

-I’m super happy with Marvel Agents of Shield. I LOVE superheros and super powers and anything comic book related. I hope I won’t be let down in future episodes, but I have high hopes, things are looking good so far. Even if the acting is okay and it’s a bit like other comic book shows out there.

Summary of Episode (May Contain Mild Spoilers)

-Mike saves a girl from a fire, he’s convinced he’s a hero. That belief leads him to become a villain because he does not get what he wants, he’s had a hard life and he just wants things to get better for him and his son. Meanwhile Shield kidnaps (kind of) Skye and enlists her help to stop Mike from doing something devastating. What’s going to happen? Will they stop him in time? Watch the first episode to find out 🙂

Parents Guide (May Also Contain Mild Spoilers)

-I don’t think there was a lot of things to really not in episode one. There was a little bit of violence, but it wasn’t long and wasn’t very graphic. There was one scene with a burned corps, but it isn’t shown in detail. Also, there’s a scene with a guy who has a bullet (thing?) in his head, it’s shown, but not graphic.

Angelina’s Rating


Brianna’s Rating

7 or 8/10

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