Top Ten Tuesday- Historical Fiction SETTINGS We Would LOVE To Get Our Hands On!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and The Bookish Here šŸ˜€!

This week, Angelina and I travel back in time, sort of XD. We are sharing Historical Fiction ideas we would LOOOOOVE to see more of in books. Let’s be real, we need more historical fiction from around the world :).

1.Feudal Japan!

Not to sound harsh, but there are countless Historical Fiction books set in Europe, even in “World History” almost all of the focus is on Europe’s history. It would be nice to see some Historical Fiction not set in Europe. Plus Samurai and the oh so interesting Japanese mythology would make a really cool mix for a story about Feudal Japan… šŸ™‚

2. Ancient India!

GOSH. I would LOVE to learn more about India’s history, I would LOVE to visit India one day as well…

3. Jerusalem!

I’ve noticed a lack of characters in YA who have religion, not just Christianity but there aren’t many main characters who are of Islamic faith or any other religion. It would be nice to see more of that, and a historical fiction set around the time Jesus was alive would be INCREDIBLY interesting. I would love to read more about that for sure! NOTE: I WOULD ALSO CRY OUT OF HAPPINESS FOR A BOOK LIKE THIS šŸ˜€

4. Egypt!

Egyyyyyyyyypt. Where are all of our books about Egypt? I WOULD LITERALLY CRY OUT OF PURE HAPPINESS IF YA GOT A BOOK ABOUT CLEOPATRA, or just Egypt in general. GUYS. We need this. WE NEED THIS!

5. Africa!

Africa in general. Out of all the things we studied in “World History” we learned NOTHING about Africa. Yes we learned some things about Japan’s enlightenment period but at least we learned that. Africa? We learned nothing. The culture there is so interesting, the history? I would be ECSTATIC for a YA book about Africa’s history.

6. Ireland!

IRELLLLLLLLLLLAND has some cool but also creepy legends. Let’s do this people!

7. Russia!

Russian culture is so interesting. WE NEED MORE *slams fist on table*


I LOVE JAPAN! I love their culture, their anime, video games, temples, shrines, I WANT MORE! I’m even learning Japanese (3rd year!) I want more there, I want to BE there RIGHT NOW.

9. New Zealand

Why New Zealand? Simple. It looks beautiful and TONS of great movies were filmed there, so it’s got to be a good place, right? Well..according to Bing The Hobbit, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Lovely Bones, and Bridge to Terabithia were all filmed in New Zealand šŸ™‚


Why the land of the free? Why the future? Well, I’d love to know what this country is headed for. What futuristic inventions are to come?

So, what’s on your Top Ten list :D?


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Historical Fiction SETTINGS We Would LOVE To Get Our Hands On!

  1. You’re right, it seems like most of the historical books I’ve read were either in Europe or America. Most of the books I read that take place in other countries in general happen in those two. It would be nice to have some books in these places! I don’t think I’ve ever read about Africa, Russia, Japan, or India!

    I did recently read a mermaid book that took place in present day Ireland though and involved myths/legends about the Tuatha de Danann and the Giant’s Causeway, so that was fun (Shearwater by Derek Murphy).


    1. RIGHT? I just realized this when I tried to decide my TTT post for the week. So many historical fiction books happen during World War II, that isn’t a problem but I think it would be nice to learn so much more about other countries history. WWII was an awful war, but we all know about it, not that we should rule it out completely, I just want to read something different, like about India or Russia or something :D. And I will SO check that out, mermaids, mythology AND Ireland?! Sign me up XD! Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚


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