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A Step Toward Falling (mini) Review!


I sometimes have a hard time reviewing books :/ A Step Toward Falling is one of those books that is difficult to review, so a MINI review is in order!

  • I like contemporary, but I’m picky about it. A Step Towards falling is sad, it made me want to cry when the truth was out, it made me want to cry in the end. Basically, this is a roller coaster of feels book, okay? The thing is, I found it a tad boring :(. The story didn’t hold my interest.
  • This book has meaning, I think a lot of books are missing out on morals these days. Actually, I saw a few morals in A Step Towards Falling! What you look like on the outside DOESN’T matter. People are more than their appearance :). If you see someone in trouble, speak up. You are as responsible as the bully if you don’t try and stop them. That doesn’t mean that you should punch the bully in the face, getting an adult is a good idea 😛 but you know what I mean.
  • I REALLLLY liked how this book was written. The way the author rotated POVs made the story a bit slow, but it did serve as a great way of slowly reaching the climax. We got to know Emily and Belinda a lot better that way in my opinion. We learned to love them 😀
  • The characters change over time. This rooooocks, I love seeing characters change because people, in real life, sometimes do!

Other than that, I did enjoy A Step Towards Falling. It was a bit boring to me, sure, but the meaning behind it was good.

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