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The Truth (I Ain’t Lying) Review


I received this book free from NetGalley, it does not change my opinions at all!

Sometimes telling the truth is hard, especially when it has to do with murder or death. Then, the truth seems like the opposite of what you really want to say if you had something to do with that death. But I guess the truth will come out easier when there’s a threat. When you have something to motivate you, this is The Truth. Lies are punished, simple as that.

Okay, first of all, how awesome does that sound? The Truth sounds like the movie The Gift, both give me a black and white, high contrast vibe that just gives you chills and horrifies you. Was, The Truth what I thought it was? Was it? Read on to find out!

What I Liked

  • The summary of The Truth really dragged me in. What’s better than a mysterious summary which promises deep secrets that MUST come out? Uh…let me think…NOTHING!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH *strokes evil kitten*

  • *Ahem* anyways The Truth starts off tense, it stays tense, gets a bit sad, then tense again. It’s a never ending roller coaster ride that goes up and down and leaves you thinking. When it came to The Truth I kept wondering if there would be a twist ending. Something you’d never expect happening…and…it…well. I can’t tell you if there was a twist but the ending was good. SUPER GOOD! I kept thinking back to it and almost laughing because that’s how great it was.
  • Jeffry W. Johnston (the author 🙂 ) writes The Truth between the points of views of Now and Then. He writes the past and present so well it almost blends together like the main character is really traveling back to the past, wading through his memories. Seriously, I loved it!

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some parts felt slow, but it progresses.

In A Nutshell

  • The Truth was super good. The ending was amazing (seriously I think it was my favorite part!) It was intense and awesome and I so recommend it.

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3 thoughts on “The Truth (I Ain’t Lying) Review

  1. To know another…
    To personally know one who:
    -knows the time of day.
    -does what must be done without direction from others.
    -understands the current season.
    -is not taken in by this decaying fleeting world.
    -is able to weather the heartache that comes as a result of this worldly rejection.
    -understands that life’s slings and arrows will come and they will pass.
    -is an old soul with respect to a “sophisticated”, “progressive” society.
    When you know another, wow.
    Ones personal witness to this duality, this exponential blessing is beyond the scope of words. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Daughters. The joy You two bring to Your Parents heart is above description.


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