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Colony DOUBLE Review! Ep. #1 AND #2!- What? Is? Going? On? Here?

It was fate, or maybe it was destiny, either way, Colony was brought into our lives as a spur of the moment decision. We were desperate and bored, waiting for The Shanaara Chronicles to start at midnight (turns out we stayed up for NOTHING and it wasn’t on that night, but anyways) I remembered that I saw something about Colony. Aside from knowing NOTHING about the show, we turned it on and fell, more or less, in love.

ALSO: We watched Colony episode one and two, two times in a row. When you watch it a second time, you notice A LOT of things you missed the first time around. We recommend watching the episodes more than once :).

What We Liked

-The world. While we LOVE but DESPISE the mystery (let’s be real here, I WANT answers, I REALLLLLY want to know what’s happening. That’s the point of the mystery, isn’t it :P?!) Colony is a really interesting world. The first episode throws us into the life of a family who is trying to stay together, fighting in a world where things… are happening. Certain things we don’t know too much about. It seems like the story is set in the future, maybe the near future? It’s hard to tell. Either way, something is up. There are no laws in the city, everything Americans consider to be their rights now, are basically gone. They arrest without reason, you don’t get read your rights, they keep you in jail indefinitely… so what does this mean? It means that this new world will certainly be interesting. How will the Hosts rule a city like this? Out of fear? Out of holding off their food? What?!?!?! Also, what the heck is the Factory? AND WHAT JUST HAPPENED AT THE END OF EPISODE TWO?

-The characters are strong, they are interesting. It’s hard not to want to know what will happen. The mother and the father both are characters that left Angelina and I curious. How will things turn out? In episode two more characters are introduced, so I wonder what will happen with them.

– As a side note, our mom watched like five minutes of this show and she already LOVES it (I think). Hi mom *waves*

– There were drones. Weird lights. CODE TALK. THINGS. I NEED EXPLANATION *rolls on floor*

What We Didn’t Like

-Honestly, this is both something Angelina and I enjoyed… the mystery. Colony tells us NOTHING about what had happened. It throws us head first into a strange world, mentioning things of Hosts and the Wall? Honestly, we know nothing at all about anything that is going on. But that is awesome. Also super confusing. We are conflicted, can you tell? 😛

-Episode one was a bit slow and episode two was a little bit boring. However, we are expecting it to pick up ESPECIALLY from the previews of future episodes.

-The characters talk so quietly that my sister and I have to turn up our TV loud just to hear them. Maybe we need speakers for our TV…

In a Nutshell

Colony IS good. It is hard to watch the first episode and NOT be excited about what is coming. It’s hard NOT to want to have the answers to these questions BURNING in my mind. What will happen next? Well… you’ll have t o watch to find out! We just hope that the questions will be answered and we hope it gets better as well.


Parent’s Guide

Sexual Scenes

There was an intimate scene between the main two characters, the husband and the wife… It was kind of long winded… That was the only scene in the first episode though!

Intense Scenes

Episode two has a little bit of fighting, but isn’t graphic.

Spoiler for episode two: [spoiler]The ending was a little bit graphic, there was dead people and blood.[/spoiler]

Episode One Rating: 7/10

Episode Two Rating: 5/10



2 thoughts on “Colony DOUBLE Review! Ep. #1 AND #2!- What? Is? Going? On? Here?

    1. You should watch it 🙂 I have a feeling it’s gonna be great! Plus in an interview (one of the actors, I think O.o) said not to get too attached to the characters, and the season finale will shock us. IM SO EXCITED NOW 😀 I think someone in the show is from lost 🙂 I’m not sure about the other one though, if you watch it, I hope you like it 🙂


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