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Shadowhunters Ep.#1 Review- In Which We Shall Slay the Shadows!

Just so everyone knows, we haven’t read The Mortal Instruments so this may change our opinion, I’m not sure how close the TV show is to the book.

Summary from IMDb:

After her mother is kidnapped, Clary must venture into the dark world of demon hunting in order to find clues that can help her find her mother.

What We Liked:

-Brianna and I were pretty conflicted about the opening scene, she was on the fence about whether or not she liked it, but I thought it was EPICLY AWESOME! The music was hardcore, the people looked so cool, I instantly wanted to watch more of the show. I was hooked from the beginning, Brianna, not so much 😛

-The main character, Clary, was artistic which was pretty dang cool as well. She was a great artist and was working on a comic book with her friend, which is cool. I think both Brianna and I liked that. All of the other characters seemed promising as well, I can’t wait to find out more about them in the next episode! What is up with Magnus? We need more Simon. Also who is this Jace guy?

-While we weren’t a fan of all the special effects, there were some pretty good slow motion parts that I liked. When the enemies die they turn to dust… this sounds awful, but it is a very pretty effect. Instead of seeing monsters getting cut up, they fade away, which is SO great. We HATE gore, it is literally the worst thing ever. Why would you want to see something’s guts? Why would we want to see someone’s hand cut off? No thank you.

-Usually I don’t pay attention to the music in video games, television shows, or movies, but in the Shadowhunters I noticed the music. And…well…it was pretty great. I think the music helped enhance the mood of the moment.

What We Didn’t Like:

-I think this point may change since it’s the first episode and all. But, my sister and I thought the acting was okay. We also thought about that with The 100, yet, it got better overtime and I think the Shadowhunters will be the same way. (Not to mention all of the characters looked and acted so COOL! I LOVED THEM! :D)

In A Nutshell:

-As long as Shadowhunters isn’t on too late, we might just stick with it! I think it hold promise and will be a great series.

Parent’s Guide:


The Shadowhunters wasn’t bad when it came to everything but violence. Even then we wouldn’t’ give the violence a bad rating. There were some scenes were the characters fought with swords. Others where scarey demon monster things tried to kill people, they were like jump scares. It might scare some little kids but other than that, the show was fine 🙂

Rating: 7/10


6 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Ep.#1 Review- In Which We Shall Slay the Shadows!

  1. I thought the acting was a bit meh too, though I’m assuming it will also get better over time. At the least, I won’t notice it! You reminded me-I still have to watch season 2 of the 100 on Netflix! Better get to that soon, since season 3 just started.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


  2. I’ve not seen this yet,but of all the reviews I’ve read, yours is my favorite- short and to the point. Acting is very important to me, so I think I’ll hold off on watching this show until I can have some guarantee that they improve xD


    1. Yayyyy! *Throws Confetti!* I’m so glad you like our reviews 😀 I have a feeling that the acting will get better with experience. I haven’t seen the second episode yet (sadly) but the more I think about the first episode, the more I really like it. I just hope the next episode lives up to expectations xD Have you read the book? I haven’t, so maybe if you read it you’re opinion would be different. But, thanks for the comment! 😀


      1. I have not read the books! Probably never will. It’s such a long series, and idk if it’s really my thing :/ but I know the basic plot because i hunted for spoilers xD


      2. Haha xD SPOILERS!!!! One of my friends is OBSESSED with the series, so maybe I should read it XD But for some reason, I always get it mixed up with the Infernal Devices…I mean they aren’t the same book, right? I don’t know why I always think they’re the same thing o.o


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