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The Winner’s Curse Review! (Ehhhh)


From what I have been hearing, The Winner’s Trilogy are the books to read :). SO of course I had to pick it up and read it, but uh, that akways moment when you don’t like the book everyone else loves *hides*

The Winner’s Curse isn’t a book that interested me, I only read it because some one said it was good. The synopsis didn’t interest me like I said so that could be why I wasn’t a huge fan, either way, I am going to finish the series since I’ve been told that it gets better šŸ™‚

What I Liked

I am a HUGE fan of rotating points of views :). While Kestrel got much more screen time (or page time? haha I don’t know XD) I liked Arin’s chapters more. He was different than you would assume >:) heh. I did not see that coming, I WAS shocked.

Other than that, I’m a fan of third person so I did enjoy the writing.

What I Didn’t Like

The Winner’s Curse was… boring. Now, I don’t want to sound rude but this book simply did not hold my attention, ever. The thing was, this book felt like a bunch of rich people sitting around gossiping for pages. I don’t like gossip, it’s boring and people shouldn’t gossip! There was too many mentions of politics *yawn* and battle strategies *yawn* and none of the above make me want to read a book. I HATE reading about those topics >__< I would have enjoyed this book more if it had less of the above.

I didn’t like the characters. Period :(. Kestrel was a mean girl, in my opinion. Sure she could fight but she gossiped and used information to get what she wanted. I didn’t like her personality, I liked that she could fight but I didn’t LIKE her at all. I didn’t even like Arin, he was just kind of there watching and listening. Their romance to me didn’t feel real either. It was kind of like a side thing, a forbidden romance of sorts.

From the beginning, The Winner’s Curse was slow. SO slooooooow. I expected it to pick up pace but it didn’t really.

In a Nutshell

4 thoughts on “The Winner’s Curse Review! (Ehhhh)

  1. I found the middle of this book to be extremely slow. I only started to care for Kestrel and Arin at the end of book 2. I will say, though, that book 2 is better than book 1–so I recommend pushing forward! This series is still a little overhyped for me but still enjoyable. I thought the writing was really good–probably the best part of this series.

    Great review,
    Sasha @ The Writing Duo


  2. I like your little “in a nutshell” for the rating xD Anyways, I’d seen this series around on goodreads and twitter, and I’ve just had no interest in it. You just sealed the deal. I shall not be picking up this book! GREAT REVIEW, DOLL! ^_^


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