Top Ten Tuesday- 10 New Years Resolutions :D

Today we are screaming our New Years resolutions for ALL the world to hear. YOU HEAR ME WORLD? YOU LISTENING?!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish HERE!

1.More than Reviews!– As of so far, Otakutwins Reviews has been just reviews, well mostly reviews :P. I want to change that. I’m hoping 2016 I will be starting some fun things, Bloggers and Dragons, Bookish Pet Spotlight, and some Read-athons maybe :). I am hoping to do MORE than reviews and heh… also movie reviews XD And probably a whole LOT of The 100 TV show fan girling.

2.Angelina wants to do better!- At what? I don’t know.

3.Commenting!– So far, I’ve made a TON of friends :). I want to comment more on their blogs and ACTIVLY read their posts. You know, when my internet lets me :).

4.MORE GIFS!– Always more gifs >:D

5.More than just popular books!– I ALWAYS want to read the most hyped books ever because asdfghjkl, but you know what? There are so many amazing books that go unnoticed because of hype in a different area. Hype is not a BAD thing, it’s just, I want to start focusing more on less hyped, less popular/well known books.

6.Here’s to being Positive!– Let’s hope 2016 will be a positive year 🙂 I’m going to try and change my negativity! YES!

7.Shyness be GONE!– Annnnd I want to be less shy XD. I want to make a lot of friends and have SO much fun for my final year in High School. Up until now, I’ve been shy, SO shy. I want to talk now :/ I’m done with not talking. I WANNA TALK ASDFGHJKL.

8. Have a good year! Because, why not? 🙂

9.Stay true to myself/ourselves! Not a very hard goal, but a good one. Truly!

10. Give Fable a ton of hugs! What puppy doesn’t like hugs?

11. BONUS!– Finish one of my WIPs 🙂 I have too many stories, I want to finish one. AT LEAST one this year 🙂

So, what are your goals for 2016? Blogging, bookish, or other!?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- 10 New Years Resolutions :D

  1. bro the 100 tho *heart eyes* I still need to watch season 2!! Speaking of “2” Your #2 resolution cracks me up xD xD xD AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WIP’s AND GETTING YOURSELF OUT THERE! I hope you have a lovely senior year, make lots of friends, and lots of FUN memories 🙂 This is your year, gals!


  2. Ah, readathons! If you ever want a co-host hit me up. I’d love to help.

    I feel like I don’t know that many people in the book blogging community anymore so I’m trying to comment more too to get to know people and become more familiar with other bloggers, etc. I’ve actually been doing pretty well so far so hopefully I can keep it up.


  3. Commenting is one of the things that I have been trying to do every day this year, and so far, it’s been okay. There are still a few days that I miss, but it’s been easier spreading things out, instead of trying to comment on 60 blogs in one day.

    I hope you keep your resolutions for the year! Happy New Year. 🙂


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