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Stolen Review! (A Mini Review!)


A while ago, Angelina read Stolen by Lucy Christopher and typically I don’t read books that she’s read, but this time things were a bit different. For a class we are taking we had to choose a book from a few different options, but I had read almost all the options! This was my only choice, and my number one choice! The other books didn’t draw my attention as much, Stolen was my choice, and I was able to read it :D. It took forever because we had to read it in chunks but it was GOOD.

And this is also going to be a mini review. Why? Because while I liked Stolen, nothing much happened at all…. I’ll explain 😛

  • Stolen was written in 2nd person, which means that the story is told in a reflection like way using you instead of I or he/she. It’s supposed to be a bunch of letters, it IS called Stolen: letters to my captor but there are NO chapters. The book does have little symbols marking the end of an entry or a day? I’m not 100% sure, anyways, it was interesting. Stolen is the first book (that I can remember) that I’ve read using 2nd person, it was INTERESTING. I enjoyed the format 😀
  • So. Like I said above, not much happened in Stolen, sadly. The majority of the story was her reflecting on everything that happened, her remembering and drawing conclusions. I did like the book but like I said, nothing happened. The book was pages of the same event, one of the final events lasts for like 80 pages of the same thing. I’m not going to say what because spoilers spoilers but whatever.

So I said this review was going to be mini XD. This has to be the shortest review I have ever written, I think I should get an award…

In short: Stolen was good but uneventful (in my opinion). Somehow, it managed to make me like it despite the nothing happening part. I can’t name why though :O


One thought on “Stolen Review! (A Mini Review!)

  1. wow this book sounds unique! I think I started reading this in a Barnes and Noble two years ago xD I remember liking it. Not sure if it was this book or not tho o.O Anyways, would you recommend I pick it up?? 😀


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