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My True Love Gave to Me Review! (A Book from My True Love :D!)


Thank you to St. Martin’s Griffin for sending me this book for an HONEST review. This doesn’t affect my review at all, I genuinely enjoyed this book!

This is the first anthology I have ever read and finished! I did start the Museum of Unnatural Creatures but I never finished it, so I count My True Love Gave to Me my first anthology and ASDFGHJKL was this one cute! So VERY cute! It’s perfect for fans of Christmas, actually, it’s a book not only for those who celebrate Christmas but the holidays, Winter Solstice included XD and the new years :). It has a piece of something for everyone. I just happen to be a lover of this time of the year <3! Snow, cold weather, warm coats, fuzzy boots, FIRE PLACES AND HOT COCOA. *sighs* this book is perfect for this time of year.

I don’t know how others write anthology reviews, so I broke it down by story, I’ll give my thoughts on each one :). I should also note, all of these books (from what I could tell at least) were DIVERSE. The majority of them at least were, family wise, race wise, religion and shape, etc. It was very nice reading a sweet Holiday Diverse read!

1.Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell + Romance = Perfection. Could that equation be any more true? Add in new years eve and romance, man, this story was too cute to be real. Then again, she is Rainbow Rowell. To get to the point, Midnight is a cute story, it’s written in a magical way that only Rainbow Rowell manages. I love Rainbow Rowell so I might be biased, but she is a fantastic writer. The characters are lovable, and the story is told through various midnights on New Years eve, which only adds to the cuteness. The only thing I didn’t like about this particular story was how the chapters were told through midnights over the years which for some odd reason confused me. BE WARNED: it jumps through time so don’t get freaked out. Also it mentions the year so, I should have noticed XD 5/5

2.The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link

Another one of my favorites. AH! I need to read more by Kelly Link The Lady and the Fox is enchanting and unique, while the ending was a bit confusing to me, this story was SO captivating. The only problem was I had to read this between classes, the ending was also sort of out there. But man, this was also cute, and I LOVE cute. The writing is also very interesting, Kelly Link’s writing style was captivating, although I AM a sucker for 3rd person :). 5/5

3.Angels in the Snow by Matt De La Pena

And yet again, this story was like the rest and very cute. Honestly, the majority, if not all, of these stories were romances. Angels in the Snow lived up to the happy, positive vibe of the first few chapters/stories. Matt De La Pena kept up the romance and cute, cheesy, moving stories with this one, it was incredibly adorable and the ending left me with chills! 5/5

4.Polaris is where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han

Polaris is Where You’ll Find Me is similar to Elf, and who doesn’t love Elf? I wasn’t a huge fan of Jenny Han’s story, it just didn’t connect with me as much. While the characters were interesting, the main character spent the majority of her time mopping around and, as a child, telling lies which only made people not like her. I felt bad for her! This wasn’t a romance like the others, true she did have a crush on someone but the romance wasn’t focused on her. It was an interesting story though, and very festive :). It just wasn’t my favorite. 3/5

5.It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins

Man oh man. I can’t believe how many of these stories I thought we adorable! Looking back and reflecting on My True Love Gave to Me, this anthology is packed full of cute, swoon worthy stories. And you can probably guess what I’m going to say next, right >:D?! It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown IS adorable. North and Marigold are so shipable :), their dialogue is also very fun and FUNNY to read. I love their banter and Stephanie Perkin’s writing, put it all together and KABLAMO, you got yourself  a story to luuuuurve. 5/5

6.Your Temporary Santa by David Levithan

Hopefully no one hates me for saying this, but I’m not a huge David Levithan fan *hides*. I wont put a book aside because of an author but he’s not my go to guy sadly :(. What doesn’t help is that I didn’t really like Your Temporary Santa. It was diverse, and cute,  but I just didn’t fall in love with it like I did for the others. The characters were interesting,but the romance wasn’t really present (HA! Christmas jokes!) in the story itself. The ending was cute though so I did like that…2/5

7.Krampuslauf by Holly Black

I’ve read almost ALL of Holly Black’s books, and sadly, I haven’t been a fan :(. I LOVE her original ideas, they are fantastic and out there and oh so INTERESTING. Yet I just haven’t fallen in love with her books like I want to. Sadly, Krampuslauf fit into that in between zone of I like this but I don’t.I can’t explain how I felt about this one either >__< I’ll just rate it as 3/5 because 3 is just about the middle.3/5

8.What the H**L have You Done, Sophie Roth? by Gayle Forman

Ha… I don’t swear so >___< the title ha… XD. I know Gayle Forman is popular, but this is the first story I’ve read by this author guys! It wasn’t my total favorite, but it was good. The voice used to show Sophie’s personality was very funny, I enjoyed the humor in that, as well as the characters. 3/5

9.Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus by Myra McEntire

In short, I wasn’t a fan of this story. I didn’t enjoy it that much, I had pretty much the same thoughts on this one as I did on Your Temporary Santa by David Levithan… 2 ish /5

10.Welcome to Christmas, CA by Kiersten White

This is my second or third favorite short story in this anthology! So it’s adorable and sad, it’s emotional… so emotional.  Unlike the main character I enjoy Christmas… but she lives in Christmas, she works in Christmas, Christmas is everywhere! That would probably make anyone go crazy O_O. Kiersten White writes a story full of THE FEELS. *GASP* Yes the feels, the dreaded but loved feels. There is so much diversity in this book, in family, in race, in everything. Candy and her boyfriend *cough* I hate him *cough*, the main character and her mom and her mom’s boyfriend Rick. This story will sure to make you feel a billion different things, and that is wonderful. Plus Ben 😀 the story between the two is SO CUTE! Gosh I love the dialogue! 4/5

11.Star of Bethlehem by Ally Carter

I have SO many mixed feelings about this book. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I feel the same way about this one as the Your Temporary Santa one but I liked this one more. I just didn’t think it was very realistic, the ending was sort of out there and everything was a bit rushed for me. I just didn’t find the characters or story that interesting but I DID love the family relationships in this. It was nice seeing a story where there was a nice family relationship, the main characters was sad but Ethan’s family was just so adorable. They sound so sweet 🙂 3/5

12.The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I’m not sure why, I just couldn’t get into this one. I felt the same way about this one as Holly Black’s story. I haven’t read anything by Laini Taylor though. 2.5

In a Nutshell

This is the first Anthology I have ever reviewed and also the first Christmas ish/ Holiday ish book I’ve ever read which is kind of shocking :D! My True Love Gave to Me is filled with cute stories, sweet romances and diverse characters. It is a book that you can fall in love with, one that can be re-read every year around Christmas while drinking hot cocoa by the fire :D!


2 thoughts on “My True Love Gave to Me Review! (A Book from My True Love :D!)


    Buddy, buddy *bear hugs* it’s okay. I don’t care for David Levithan either. He just does NOT appeal to me. I don’t know what it is. I don’t like his voice? His style? WHAT IS THE DEAL, LEVITHAN?

    I really really really liked Beer Buckets story xD we’re in disagreement about some stories, but we’re totally both in love with Stephanie Perkins and Rainbow Rowell xD I think those were the winning stories in the anthology!


    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww D”:. But yay reading buddies!!!!!!
      I have no idea :/ he is so popular but I just don’t understand the love as of now… I tried his others but they didn’t catch me :”(….
      Haha aww XD Stephanie Perkins and Rainbow Rowells were just UGH. SO CUTE. HOW.Do.They.WRITE.SUCH.CUTE? IT WAS ALL THE CUTE ❤ asdfghjkl;lkjhgfdsasdfghjkl;.


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