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Across the Universe Review!


*Sigh*. So uh, yeah. This is akward :(…

I wanted SO much to love this book, and the beginning is FANTASTIC and horrifying all at once. I could barley get past the beginning (which lead to me reading and dropping this book like ten times XD) because it’s graphic and freeeeaaaaky. So yeah, the freezing process freaked me out, which was awesome, becuse the DETAIL. OHMYGOSH THE DETAL. But then there is the detail *shudders*

Trigger warning: I’m going to flat out say it, the MC almost gets rapped.

What I Liked:

Across the Universe has a REAAAAAAAAALLY cool idea. Who would have thought about a ship sailing far far far away from Earth, and decided to write about murders happening on the ship? Uh, Beth Revis, duh, she kind of wrote the book so XD. I LOVED the idea, it sounded so intreguing and wonderful, so why not give it a shot?

Like I mentioned in my mini intro, the detail in this book is superb! Seriously, the beggining had me making faces in my english class (gosh I hope no one noticed the faces I was making, that’d be weird XD). The beginning had feels, the gross bleh uck kind, but also the bittersweet teary kind!

What I Didn’t Like:

I. HATE. THE. IDEA. OF. THE. SEASON. That was, to me, unnecessary and absolutely, 100% DISGUSTING. End of story. I was SO SO SO close to ending this book because of that, guys that was awful and gross and *shudders* awful.

I wasn’t a fan of anyone in this book. Honestly, that was sad to me :(. I wanted so badly to love the characters but honestly, I felt nothing for any of them except maybe Harley. I liked Harley but I didn’t love him like I tend to do with characters. So yeah. I did not like any of these characters because I felt like we didn’t get to know them, they were just kind of… there. :”(

To put it lightly, I found Across the Universe boring D: like oh my gosh I’m sorry about how negative this review is, I FEEL BAD D”:! But this book bored me, I only finished it because I wanted to know who was murdering people which brings me to my next point…

I GUESSED WHO THE KILLER WAS. It was obvious 😦 sadly obvious for me… I guessed it so quickly, so easy, such an easy mystery. Please don’t hate me, I’m just really good at solving mysteries 😦

In a Nutshell

I wasn’t a huge fan of Across the Universe, nothing really stuck with me for this book. The only thing I really liked was what the book was supposed to be about. In the end, I didn’t enjoy the book but I’m still going to finish the series because I imagine it will keep getting better :).

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7 thoughts on “Across the Universe Review!

  1. At last! Someone who agrees with me on this book. I was all confused with the season thing. No, not confused. Freaked out. I even showed my best friend it, and we screeched together. The bad sort of screech. Well, we were innocent middle school kids but still. Hilariously, I kept with the series until the end. Mostly because, back then, I always finished series.
    But yes. The season is freaky


    1. RIGHT?! It was odd and bleh and weird and bleh and YUCK 😦 no that was just I can’t even put that scene in words other than horrifying and disgusting/revolting >___<. And oh my gosh sorry you read it in Middle School D: that is just so sad, I'm so sorry, that would be scarring for sure! Does it get better? I think I'm going to finish it because I hope it gets better but I am not so sure…


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