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This Ordinary Life Review (This is DJ B signing in for a Review!)


Helllllloooooo everyone! This is DJ B signing in, ready to report my feelings on This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup!

I couldn’t resist this XD, I mean this book is about a girl who is in love with radio, so why not start as if I were a radio DJ :)?! Annnd I would make an awful one sooooo, maybe I will stick to this blog haha.

Trigger warning: Maybe? There is a bit of swearing, more than I’m used to in YA so just warning ya 🙂 BUT this was also an ARC copy so that could be different in the final version, please note that!

What I Liked:

Diversity isn’t only about race, but that is also a good diverse topic, don’t get me wrong! This Ordinary Life just focuses on a different kind of diversity, diversity in family and in medical conditions. Her mom is an alcoholic ever since her father left her family, I mean her father as in her mothers husband aka Jasmines dad. This leaves Jasmine as the (practically) mother figure for Danny, she oversees his appointments, medication, cleans the home and feeds Danny. So yes she is the caregiver of the household.

Jasmine’s brother Danny and her friend/boyfriend/lover (haha lover XD) both have Epilepsy and the author is actually an advocate in Epilepsy (but don’t quote me one that!). I learned a LOT about this condition that I never knew before, so that was really interesting.

The Feels- Wes!, Danny! So sad.

Like I said… SO. MANY. FEELS! I don’t want to spoil things for anyone, but the feels are real D’: really real feels man. SO REAL!

What I Didn’t Like:

We were thrown into the action without getting to know characters to well. We found out Sebastian was cheating on Jasmine before we got to know them so it really didn’t stir up much of a reaction… Then again, I have never dated anyone before so my whole not feeling much(other than total anger at Sebastian being stupid :P) was probably because I’ve never experienced heart break and all that jazz. So yeah.

It was hard to get into. See above 😦

MC is soooo sassy.

Which is fine. But at times I wanted to hit her in the head with the book, she was so sassy it was a bit annoying at times. I don’t mean to be rude 😥 I just wasn’t a huge fan. BUT. Yes I always include a but so listen up XD. Jasmine has a good reason for her personality. If I was in her situation, I’m sure I’d feel the same amount of anger for Sebastian and his evil self and my alcoholic mother and I’d feel awful that Danny would have to go through what he went through. So yes, I understand her sass, it was just a bit annoying at first to understand.

In a Nutshell

This Ordinary Life is a diverse book (let’s celebrate people :D!) full of ups and downs… poor Jasmine had me feeling bad for her, SO MANY DOWNS! But also a lot of ups so don’t think this is one of those depressing Contemporary books, because it is but isn’t. This Ordinary Life is funny (at times), and very good :).

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3 thoughts on “This Ordinary Life Review (This is DJ B signing in for a Review!)

  1. Radio is a terrific source of information. TV spends a lot of time talking about itself. Trying to sell you on what is on next. Radio on the other hand is chock full of data/info. Glad there was a backdrop around my FAVORITE form of entertainment.

    Heartbreak on the other hand can wait.


  2. I’ve been interested in this book! (the cover drew me xD) what’s the radio have to do with the story??? Does she work in that industry? WHAT KIND OF MUSIC IS IN THIS STORY?? 😀 haha i love music xD I think I’m going to have to pick this one up!


    1. AHHHH! Well, it was wonderful so I do recommend it :), it wasn’t my favorite but it was pretty good. She wants to get an internship with her favorite radio company, but she does work for her schools radio club/class/think ^_^. I don’t really know/remember what music she played D: she just mentioned playlist names haha XD Sorry. BUT REAAAAD IT :D!


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