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Star Wars- The Weapon of A Jedi Mini Review!


I must say this is the first Star Wars book I have EVER read. I decided to pick it up because I’m super excited for the movie. Unfortunately The Weapon of A Jedi didn’t live up to my expectations.

When you think Star Wars, you think action. That’s not just me, right? Well I thought The Weapon of A Jedi would be pretty eventful.

The Weapon of a Jedi, wasn’t. Not a lot happened. Luke mostly walked around, found this place and trained. That’s the whole book in one sentence. Sure, there was one pretty epic part near the end. Finally, something good, it’s got to get better right? Nope. It was pretty uneventful which was disappointing.

I guess the lack of events makes sense because the book is so short. If it where longer I think I would enjoy it more.

Another thing was I forgot what happened in the last movies. Some of the events in the book had me questioning what I remembered from the movie. Did that really happen? [spoiler]Can someone tell me if and when all the Jedi died? And I’m not sure if the book follows the movie, but doesn’t Luke now know who his father is? Also, didn’t Luke lose his arm? [/spoiler]

I dunno, I was confused.

But, on the bright side Luke was always one of my favorite characters! I’m glad to read something from his point of view 🙂

My whole feelings for this book summed up in one gif…

Angelina review templet



Anyone else excited for this? 😀


2 thoughts on “Star Wars- The Weapon of A Jedi Mini Review!

  1. lk;asdfj;asldj HHNNGA;SDKFJ THAT TRAILER LOOKS GREAT! I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THAT MOVIE ;alskdjf;lskdjf;alskjf;lasjdflasjd fa;sldkjf;lsdjf sldjf;a sldkjf sldkjf;lasdjf;alsjflskajdflksjdflsjdflsjdf;l asj;lksjdf;lskjdf ;as j;sldkjf;alskdjf ;lsdjf;lasdjfe;aslkjdf *Cries a little bit* alskdfj;alskjdf

    book looks boring af tho bleh 😛


    1. DOESN”T IT!?! *Flails endlessly* The book WAS boring sadly :/ AND STAR WARS ASDFGHJKIWEFCDVFBGNHMUKY^U%Y$T#RWEDCSDVFBGNHMUKI^&U$T%#EWDQSCDVFBGNTHUJ^%Y$T%R The Movieeee ❤ ❤ ❤ <#


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