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Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls Review


I have no idea why I wanted to read this book. I think I saw the title and thought, “Oh my gosh this is going to be heartbreaking.” I mean just look at the title Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls. That sounds super sad. Right? RIGHT? Um…well…let me explain…


Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls sounds good and it was good! I LOVED The writing, the overall aura of the story. In the end I was blown away, I kept thinking back to how it ended and kept questioning myself. A good book does this, it makes you think! That’s how you know it’s good!

The ending. I know I already mentioned it but DANG! IT rocked!


About halfway through the story I felt like it just got dumb. That’s my only complaint. After that little bit it really escalated. I also wished for more explanation, more truth. There were a LOT of questions left at the end, almost nothing was wrapped up. I almost wish there’d be a second book so I could get my dang answers.

The characters, this is more of a preference thing. They were really into bad things for teenagers, but it went with the book…so…yeah…


Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls was pretty good. It was a rush near the ending, got silly in the middle and was sad in the beginning. I recommend it 🙂



4 thoughts on “Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls Review

  1. WELL NOW I’M INTRIGUED! What where they into?? HOW was the book silly? THINGS I MUST KNOW
    Also that cover is kind of gorgeous. Don’t care for the title, but WOW I LIKE THE COVER AND HOW SIMPLE IT IS!


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